Kohta the Nogar

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18 Feb 2011
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Stage Frozen

From @wererage
While I've lost my shaken sense of reality
Where will my sentiments,
Piling up like rubble, go?
Holding a crushed hope, I brushed
Off the red rain and ran in a trance.
At the end of crumbled emotions,
What do I see? What exists?
I still don't know...
All fleeting futures simply kept
Unfolding silently in front of my eyes.
Light and shadows vanished,
What the last words wished
For was just tomorrow...

About Nogar Eggs

This egg was only given out on February 14-18 of 2011.

Nogar eggs appear when the sun is red.

About the Nogar Creature

Nogar are a special type of dragon creature that are considered otherworldly but not considered to be of The Mysterious Asteroid. The baby stages of the Nogar are very much strange, as are their mannerisms. It is rumored that if you are scratched by a fully grown Nogar's single claw, you will instantly become infatuated and obsessed with the first person you see.