Peasants the Skrulline

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4 Nov 2011
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About Skrulline Eggs

This egg was only given out for the Halloween Bash of 2011.

Skrulline eggs are rather menacing and tend to expand and contract slowly, as though breathing.

About the Skrulline Creature

Although Skrulline appear to be soft and fluffy, they can be quite vicious and will attack if threatened. Skrulline are extremely territorial and aren't often found in packs; because of this, Skrulline eggs are extremely rare and can only be found in late October, during their mating season. Their low tolerance for humans has resulted in many Arkians fearing the Skrulline and only the bravest attempt to raise them. Once their trust is gained, Skrulline can be friendly and loyal companions but such temperaments are rarely seen.