Baldo the Bellato

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5 Dec 2011
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I'm a gift from @novrain62 . Thank you forever!

A December 2011 CSP Creature

Hatched on December 10 2011
Teenager on Janaury 4 2012
Adulthood on March 2 2012

About Bellato Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for December 2011 & 2020.

Bellato eggs make a strange ringing noise whenever they move. It sounds like a Christmas bell!

About the Bellato Creature

Every fully grown Bellato likes to live within the walls of houses. Bellato are jokingly referred to as the "enemy of Santa" because, the day before Christmas, houses that have Bellato in them sometimes report that their Christmas presents have been stolen. It is rumored that Bellato can create magically expanding holes in walls, which is how they steal larger gifts.

Despite the rumors, Bellato are very lovable creatures most find to be quite cute.