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16 Feb 2012
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To my most special and beautiful friend @cho!

There have been times we both were going through something difficult and because of our friendship and able to talk about obstacles faced at the time, it made bearable.

You are such a caring and thoughtful person. It is clear you don't want any fuss and really down play your great attributes, but it matters so much to me. Keep being you and you will always be blessed and beloved among friends.


About Drem Eggs

This egg was only given out from February 14-17, 2012.

Drem eggs tend to shimmer brightly in direct sunlight, making them visible from long distances. The strength of their shine varies from egg to egg and may have some effect on a Drem's personality.

About the Drem Creature

Found mainly within the forests of Ark, Drem migrate to the Egg Cave once a year to lay their eggs deep within its caverns. Drem have the unique ability to sense true love and have been known to congregate over the heads of those deeply in love. This attraction is used by couples to find out the status of their relationship. Often times, Arkians will stroll through the forests hoping that a flock of Drem will gather above them. In contrast, Drem cannot survive in a sad or angry atmosphere and for this reason it is not recommended that Drem be kept as household pets.