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5 Mar 2012
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About Frion Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for March 2012.

A gem seems to be attached to this egg... it glistens and shines brightly.

About the Frion Creature

Frion are regarded as a kind of jungle god. People often see Frion peacefully roaming the jungles of Ark, but then suddenly lose sight of them. People have attempted to take pictures of Frion, but they never appear in the pictures once they're developed.

Because Frion are known to be elusive, some believe that they have teleportation skills and can disappear out of the air (thus leading people to revere them as jungle gods).

Due to their mesmerizing appearance and their evasive reputation, people have organized into groups called "Frion Seekers." To this day, nobody has absolute proof that they've seen a Frion.