Inception the Balrogipuwet

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3 Nov 2009
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Original Owners: Zac; Pudgyjr1998
Needed: Adult
Trade: NFT

Description: (Original Balrog) Received October 2, 2011

Inception - the act of instilling an idea into someone's mind by entering his or her dreams.

About Balrogipuwet Eggs

Balrogipuwet were offered to those who completed the Halloween 2009 plot, The Mystery of Ghosty. This species was initially discovered by The Ghost of Year 1 ("Ghosty"), but the Science and Research Center in Ark City claimed that no such ghosts exist. Ghosty felt rejected and knew that his discovery of Balrogipuwet wouldn't be acknowledged, so he haunted Ark citizens and gave them clues about this new species, thinking that the Science and Research Center would certainly acknowledge a human's discovery. A total of 251 Ark citizens solved Ghosty's mystery! After the amazing discovery of this species, the only thing Ark citizen's could talk about was their interactions with Ghosty and how he helped, which lead to the Science and Research Center's retraction of their original statement; they apologized and now acknowledge the existence of ghosts.