Bubushay the Bushay

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14 Apr 2012
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I'm at the age now where I can see things so clear.
Detecting nonsense, evil and haughtiness a mile away.
Strong, wise and trustworthy; uses discernment always.
Learning from my mistakes and try hard not to repeat them.
Piercing into the past and sculturing the present for the future.
Reliable, loyal, a great listener and too honest for most.
Love to laugh, sing and play games; its just my nature.
Creative at will and will use it to solve a situation.

About Bushay Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for Easter 2012. It was the Creature of Easter 2012.

Bushay eggs are commonly found lying in the brush outside of the Egg Cave. The orange squiggly marks on the eggs glow progressively brighter as the egg gets closer to hatching. For this reason, it's very easy to know when your Bushay egg will hatch.

About the Bushay Creature

Bushies (plural of Bushay) have an acute sense of hearing due to their large ears. It's unknown how far Bushies can hear but the Science and Research Center in Ark City estimates that Bushies can hear for miles.

Bushies have also demonstrated abnormal amounts of comprehension regarding spoken languages and nonverbal communication between humans. Should your Bushay ever misbehave, you musn't ever say anything negative about it because your Bushay might hear you from afar (even through walls!).

Bushay personalities are generally very mild. Bushies are often very shy and hide behind their giant ears.