Starez the Diablos

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9 May 2012
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About Diablos Eggs

This creature is endangered.

Diablos eggs have a very strange effect on humans that is rather subtle and often occurs without notice. When Diablos eggs are held in the hands of humans, humans are strongly prone to lying. It's almost as if the very eggs themselves destroy the truth within a human. Thankfully, when Diablos eggs are put down and are no longer touched, humans regain their composure and don't excessively lie. What spooky eggs -- be watchful and alert!

About the Diablos Creature

Diablos are innately deceptive. It's impossible for any Diablos to speak a single tidbit of truth; if "truth" is ever "spoken" by a Diablos, it's always twisted. They find pleasure in leading people on, smooth-talking them, and presenting information in such a way that is more appealing than the truth. Diablos were once beautiful creatures, but the Summoner cursed them when he saw their deceptiveness and depravity. If you do steal a Diablos, do not be conned by their words.