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Caliea the Pandai


Caliea's happiness is 100 out of 100.

Owner: o_o
Stolen: 25 Jul 2012
Hatched: 29 Apr 2017
Immortal At: 11 Jun 2017
5,472 +3
1,402 +499
496 +81
Priority list.
Here I'm listing, in order, what I'd like to try and get next.

1. eurog
2. diment
3. biwo
4. iccilah
5. khione
6. paroxy
7. rie
8. ahjoon
9. goldox
10. skrute

About Pandai Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for August 2012.

Pandai eggs have a strong bamboo wrapping. This bamboo acts as a reinforcer of the outer shell, making Pandai eggs nearly impossible to crack or break. For this reason, Pandai have flourished as a species.

About the Pandai Creature

Pandais are very gullible creatures that will believe just about anything. It's quite easy to play a joke on a Pandai. These jokes generally go over quite well and prove to be very funny.

Pandais are very gentle creatures at heart. Peace marks the Pandai; they do not retaliate in times of danger or hurt. They are masters of evasiveness and know how to get out of a dangerous situation quickly without causing or receiving harm.

Pandais are also very loyal to their master and never leave their side.