Atlantical the Encalop

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19 Oct 2012
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♡ atlantical the encalop ♡
my ultimate dreamy, seriously traded a lot for this guy. nft ♡♡♡
twins with muffin, traded from @demons
rebirthed `11.4.19
nothing in my cove is uft since i'm very happy with my cove right now. i'm getting quite busy and frankly, trading takes quite a bit of time!! i don't mind getting offers, especially if it includes wl creatures, but it might take me awhile to respond. @encalop is my definitely uft account and @aquamarine is my tentatively for trade account!

About Encalop Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for October 2012.

Encalop eggs have a bushy tail that catches fire when touched!

About the Encalop Creature

Encalops are masters of mischief and mayhem. They enjoy playing cruel pranks on other creatures and their owners. When a prank succeeds, they are very pleased with themselves. Very infrequently do Encalops apologize for their schemes.

Steer clear of Encalops when they're angry; their whole bodies turn to flames and cause other objects to catch fire too. The quickest way to offend an Encalop is to disregard one of their pranks. It's normally best to crack a smile when you realize you've been pranked by an Encalop...