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About Gryp Eggs

This creature was available as a prize for participating in The Case of the Missing Kinump Seeds plot for the Halloween Bash of 2012.

The down feathers on Gryp eggs prove to be prime insulation material, keeping the internal temperature at a healthy and warm level. Manufacturers will use down collected from discarded Gryp eggs in a variety of products such as pillows and winter coats. Although expensive, the goods created from Gryp down are of very high quality and provide excellent comfort.

About the Gryp Creature

Gryp are highly protective creatures known to guard treasure, creatures, and even humans on rare instances. Typically independent creatures, Gryp soar the skies of Ark with seemingly no destination in mind. Their powerful wings can endure hours of continuous flight.

The legendary stubbornness of a Gryp makes it incredibly challenging to tame, even if the creature has been raised all of its life in captivity and with constant human exposure. The dedicated individuals who manage to properly train Gryp are rewarded with the ability to ride upon the backs of this majestic species.

The Science and Research Center has determined that Gryp and Calla are very closely related species in terms of both similar behavior and genetics. This discovery has helped lend itself to the possibility that the long evolutionary line of Calla branched off from the Gryp species.