Aethon the Corlinn

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12 Nov 2012
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Aethon is the Eagle Tormentor of Prometheus.

Thank you @shale for the trade

About Corlinn Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for November 2012.

Corlinn eggs are sometimes mistaken for Terron eggs due to their dark coloration. However, unlike Terron eggs, these can be safely exposed to light.

About the Corlinn Creature

Corlinns are a very clever species of bird. They delight in trickery and fooling others. Many an Ark citizen has had their keys and other important items hidden by their Corlinn. This love of trickery comes in handy for wild Corlinns often. The fields that they plunder for food are guarded by Scarrows, competent guardians with whom Corlinns butt heads with often. Nothing delights Corlinns more than creating a new scheme to try and get past them.