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About Mirkang Eggs

The fur covering Mirkang eggs is very coarse and thick, making for very suitable protection in the icy climate they are found in. Although Mirkang mothers very rarely, if ever, leave their eggs unsupervised, it is life-threateningly important to make sure an egg has been actually abandoned before approaching it.

About the Mirkang Creature

Hailing from the southernmost mountain ranges of Ark, Mirkang have built up a legendary reputation for being highly elusive and solitary creatures. Their carnivorous diet often lead Southern Arkian farmers to falsely blame the humanoid beasts as the culprits who steal their livestock. In reality, Mirkang make an immense effort to stay as far away from human civilization as possible.

With an average height that towers approximately 2.4 meters (8 Ft.) in fully matured adults, Mirkang are placed at the top of the food chain in their natural habitat. Mirkang are not generally seen to be considered aggressive creatures, but they are incredibly territorial and will lash out in self-defense if provoked. Due to the anti-social nature of Mirkang, it is excruciatingly difficult to study them at a safe enough distance.