Tobo the Tasma

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20 Dec 2012
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I love wolves the most, they are my favorite animals, and I do like the Tasma for that reason.

I created the name Tobo in the spur of the moment, just because it sounded cool, but later I heard there was also a character in the anime Wolf's Rain with that name. It makes the name only better.

Honestly, I never watched Wolf's Rain, now I have and finally figured out it's Toboe instead of Tobo. But I like this description too much to change. I do love the anime a lot, it means a lot to me.

About Tasma Eggs

Tasma eggs seem to exhibit weird tattoos and markings on the outer shell of their eggs.

About the Tasma Creature

Tasma enjoy the forests and mountains of Ark. Wild Tasma like hunting Alkub, Florn, and Foo. However, domesticated Tasma are very friendly creatures that behave much like a dog. Regardless, many creatures in Ark are mistrustful of Tasma.