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About Kappice Eggs

This egg was given out for Creature Release Week in December of 2012.

This egg is always found in a pool of partially frozen water. The freezing temperatures created by the icy water are vital to the growth of the Kappice egg. Caution is needed when attempting to transport this egg, as not only do you need to take care to keep the egg from cracking but you must keep it cold as well.

About the Kappice Creature

Like the Kappice egg, young Kappice must be kept in ice water until their legs mature. Until then, they are unable to regulate their body temperature and can quickly overheat. Once a Kappice is fully grown they are able to safely leave the water and make their way on land. Some will even travel a surprising distance to find a new place to call home. However, all Kappice prefer to live in or near water as they are most comfortable there.

Many Kappice colonies can be found near Rencup dens. They will use their sharp claws to carve off chunks of Rencup ice, which they then use to build the ice water nests that they lay their eggs in.