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23 Dec 2012
26 Jan 2021
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About Gingerlion Eggs

This egg was given out for Creature Release Week in December of 2012.

Gingerlion eggs seem to randomly appear in cookie jars around Christmas every year. Unsurprisingly these eggs are very tasty and some people can't resist eating them. If you can manage to resist eating your Gingerlion egg, however, you will be in for a nice surprise!

About the Gingerlion Creature

Those who manage to hatch their Gingerlion eggs are delighted with the little frolicking creature that appears. Gingerlions love to "help" their owners when they are baking. Though a Gingerlion's version of helping is usually to play in loose flour and make a bit of a mess. It is usually best to set aside a small bowl of flour in a designated area for your Gingerlion to play in. Owners of Gingerlions must be careful to keep them from getting too wet, even though they are alive they are still just made out of cookie.