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About Dragold Eggs

Dragold eggs always seem to turn up around where a rainbow has been spotted. The way the sunlight causes these eggs to shimmer makes them fairly easy to find. Because of this beautiful shimmer, and the durability of the eggs, many people will use them as outdoor decorations until they hatch.

About the Dragold Creature

It has been rumored that following a rainbow will eventually lead to a Dragold's den. These dens are said to be filled with unimaginable riches that vary from humongous piles of Egg Coins to extremely rare jewels and gemstones.

Dragolds greatly admire material possessions to the point where they even value them above the wellbeing of their own species. It is because of this greediness that Dragolds are highly elusive and lonesome creatures. 'Dragold' has since entered Arkian vocabulary as a synonym to describe a greedy and cold-hearted person.