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Atlaua Aztec divinity of the water and oceans.

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About Lal Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for March 2013.

The texture upon Lal eggs is of a very spongy consistency. This blubbery shell functions very efficiently as a thermoregulator and is vital for the Lal's survival in the southern waters of Ark.

About the Lal Creature

The Lal's sometimes intimidating appearance is always contrasting with its rather docile nature. Lal naturally reside in the chilling waters off of Southern Ark's coast, although there have been records of some groups finding their way to the eastern side of the island.

The large tusk featured prominently on the Lal's head will grow all throughout its entire lifespan, although progression becomes very slow once maturity sets in. For adult Lal, the average tusk length is typically around 3 meters. The Science and Research Center have noted that a Lal will use its tusk for a variety of reasons, such as for fighting off predators and for attracting potential mates. Hunting Lal has been deemed illegal after the population suffered a dramatic drop in numbers due the demand of their tusks.