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About Greem Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for April 2013.

You can always tell that spring is around the corner when Greem eggs start to show up in the fields of Ark. At first you can plainly see them sitting in the dark winter grass, but soon they become camouflaged as the new grass grows and spring flowers begin to bloom.

About the Greem Creature

The ingenious design behind camouflaged Greem is that, even when they are moving around, it is difficult to spot them amongst grassy fields. Greem are able to almost perfectly imitate the swaying of grass in the breeze, which in turn allows them to become practically invisible to predators. If all else fails, Greem are also incredibly agile creatures with a knack for leaping away from danger. The Science and Research Center has determined that the average leaping distance for a Greem is around 8 meters (26 feet), but there have been a couple recorded instances of Greem that have jumped over 13 meters (42 feet)!