hey there! i have a feed-friendly cove, and just because i feed your cove DOESN'T mean i expect a feedback (altho i'm grateful if you do <3). struggling with mh currently so using any form of escapism i can, and mindless clicking looks like the best solution. have a good day!! :) 19 Nov 2023, 5:10 PM

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Hey there!

i'm a FEED-FRIENDLY cove!! also just because i feed your cove DOESN'T mean i expect a feedback (altho if you do i greatly appreciate your time and love you stranger) , i just like exploring the masses of coves there are here 😊

i can't promise to always be online as i am a horrible procrastinator at anything related to school (just a minor [major] inconvenience for my alevels but oh well), but i try come on here often enough to feed and explore for at least a little while. thankyou for your continued support of my cove.

please feed my siblings coves! :
@applepoisonoreo (she's new here 😊 )
@appleblizzard (we discovered eggcave at around the same time but she'd appreciate the attention)

Sagittarius || INTP || Middle Child

I used to have like 3 accounts because i kept forgetting my passwords and the emails i used to sign up, but thankfully i've remembered this one :') (if you wanna help the creatures and simply increase happiness of my original account, please feed @applefudge , i would greatly appreciate even tho i can't log into the account i just want the 11 creatures on there to live happily, thankyou 😊 )

Currently i'm doing my alevels so yeah, wish me luck on those because the academic weapon is weaponing on me not on my academics. I promised myself to keep grinding and here i am, reliving childhood fantasies.

My top 3 favourite music artists are: Chase Atlantic, The Weeknd, and the Neighbourhood (all time top songs are: GREENGREENGREEN or Tidal Wave but it's awfully hard to decide, Party Monster and Love to Lay, and A Little Death, respectively) idk what that tells you about me but eh.

Anyway, msg if you wanna trade or smth idk, most of the things should be uft.


Gelle + Plia + Revelca are adopted - NFT or auction

Creatures (401)


appleblizzard • 1 day ago

how scary 🙄

heatherm19 • 4 days ago

Happy Double-Feed Day! Fed all. 😊

appleblizzard • 4 days ago

stop singing on my wall 😤 you're disturbing my creatures

appleblizzard • 1 week ago

what time management skills?

appleblizzard • 1 week ago

I wasnt trying to reply to your song 🙄 I was singing my own

appleblizzard • 1 week ago

never gonna give you up 🎶 never gonna let you down 🎶

appleblizzard • 1 week ago

well maybe if you had just agreed to go, he wouldn't be so sour with you 🙄

appleblizzard • 5 Apr 2024, 2:44 AM

see I told you it would work 😌 congrats my guy

appleblizzard • 4 Apr 2024, 9:15 PM

is the thief shop trick working for you? how many eggs have you found now?

appleblizzard • 4 Apr 2024, 4:18 AM

bro just open the thief shop in a new tab and refresh it periodically, you can literally collect them all there

appleblizzard • 3 Apr 2024, 3:57 AM

also if you just sit at the thief shop and refresh it every 5-10 minutes, an egg will most likely appear there

appleblizzard • 3 Apr 2024, 3:57 AM


appleblizzard • 31 Mar 2024, 5:56 PM

bingle bongle dingle dangle yippity doo yippity da, ping pong, lippy tappy too tah

appleblizzard • 29 Mar 2024, 10:18 PM

the dragold keeps taking my coins ;^; its tragic

appleblizzard • 27 Mar 2024, 6:59 PM

I spent 500k on a travel which I got for free 5 hours later ;^;

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