I have 1.2m ec and 16 different user shops open.... Wanna bet how long it will take me to blow through this ec? lol 6 Dec 2022, 12:20 AM

15 April 2022
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Feed Friendly, feel free to get to know my creatures!
I do have a lot of creatures so there is a Quick-Feed tab with my higher-priority creatures!
-- I'll return feed for any coves that allow it.
-- Responses to PMs may be slightly delayed if anxiety is acting up.

-- November update: My cove is still a mess, lol! Eventually my 'dream cove' for my main will be exclusively Clorgis/Klees/Rebonnes and freezies, but that probably won't be happening anytime soon. So for now, embrace the chaos!

Current threads:
New Feeding Contest!
Creatures UFT for CC/EC!
Looking to buy these travels!

My accounts (all Feed Friendly! )
@heatherm19 Main, you are here! (Kinda a mess of freezies, Clorgis&Klees, and growing creatures)
@heatherm_side For adults, growing extras, and UFT
@heatherm_side2 is my Field of Floofs, a collection of Tasmas and Wynerls
@heatherm_side3 for the cave commons I can't stop myself from adopting
[I have 1 Vaka Leaf but it's not always on the same account, depends how low happiness is on each.]

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ - Thank you to everyone who has gifted or traded me things on my wishlist!
Updated full wishlist here!
Retired Travels Wishlist moved to OctoKitty!

Below is a list of my freezies-wishlist, which is possibly on hold for a bit because I can't keep spending money on CC, but I'll keep it here because they are still goals:

Don't Have (hearts are higher-priority):
❤️ Yiberace (rainbow tiger!) (2nd stage with Rainbow Power Star travel)
❤️ Furrep (what is this thing why is it so cute MUST HAVE!! freeze 2nd stage)
❤️ Curcull (2nd stage, it looks so happy!)
Tammick (freeze 2nd-stage)
Moue (long-eared dog 2nd-stage)

Have but need more for freezing:
Fetti (2nd-stage)
Vulpselle (2nd-stage)
Cantik (3rd-stage)
Chimmy (2nd-stage)
Terrard (2nd-stage)

Have and need to freeze:
Knurrock 'HeheheCutie' 3rd-stage
Catcus 'CattySparkle' 2nd-stage

'Haves' maybes/lower priority:
Dragfer 'Dragonator' 3rd-stage
Nibinne 'EnniniN' 3rd-stage
Hyacine 'DelicatePlant' 3rd-stage
Omepail 2nd-stage
Qamarat 3rd-stage?
Phantowl (2nd/3rd stage??)
Tatrsus (2nd/3rd stage??)

- CC needed for for-sure freezes: 1200CC ~~ For 'maybes': 2,600CC
CC already used on freezies: 41,200CC (!) (as of 10/17/22)
(Reminder to save money to buy CC during discount sale towards end of year, need for cash shop monthlies end of year sale...)

About Me?
Mid-30s, she/her, lesbian, mental disorders. Spend most of my time online to 'escape reality', eggcave is very good for that. I'm happy to make friends on here but I do have severe anxiety and sometimes need to avoid direct human contact.
(Note, I've realized I like mindless clicking waaay too much, if you notice me feeding your cove every day and don't want that much feeding feel free to let me know!)

Creatures (494)


lilybloom • 3 hours ago

thank you! it's nice to be back, brings me back to my high school days lol

xxcouchxx • 10 hours ago

Thanks for feeding my cove, I fed a whole bunch of yours ❤️

alice_meri_fox • 1 day ago

Sorry lovely, five minutes after you asked someone bid on it.

xxcouchxx • 1 day ago

Fed quick feed!

lothar • 2 days ago

Thank you❤️

lothar • 2 days ago

Hi! I offered 1.5 million ec on your side account's trade for a Luciales. Would it work?

thedarkarcher • 2 days ago

Well if you are ever stuck on questing items you are more then welcome to ask me and I'll check my availability for you especially on general food as its my most stocked area 😊

ohanasystem • 2 days ago

thank you for the feeds and the welcome! done your quick feeds in return, thank you! ❤️

surgeon • 3 days ago

Fed your list for you 😊

valorieviolet • 3 days ago

Sure! That works for me! You can go ahead and offer on the lot and I'll also send over another retired travel that's not in the lot 😊

valorieviolet • 3 days ago

Hi there! For those travels, I think I want to get somewhere between 50k-100k per travel (depending on how pretty they are 😋). The lot can be broken up however, I wasn't expecting to sell them all at once, but I totally don't mind! Just looking for offers 😊

thedarkarcher • 3 days ago

@status pretty quickly if your questing lol

valorieviolet • 4 days ago

You're welcome, I had an extra ❤️

valorieviolet • 4 days ago

Yes! I was tired of having the numbers that meant nothing at the end of my name xD

icecream • 5 days ago

Congrats on your Pami! ^^

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