I GOT A TRISK OMG I GOT A TRISK!! As a newer player, THANK YOU EC for the rereleases! 1 Jul 2022, 3:19 AM

15 April 2022
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Feed Friendly (everything!), feel free to get to know my creatures!
I do have a lot of creatures so there is a Quick-Feed tab with my higher-priority creatures!
-- I'll return feed for any coves that allow it. (...) 'About Me' section moved to bottom.
-- Responses to PMs may be slightly delayed if anxiety is acting up.

My accounts (all Feed Friendly! )
@heatherm19 Main, you are here!
@heatherm_side For adults, the McGee family, and possibly-UFT stuff
@heatherm_side2 is my Field of Floofs, a collection of Tasmas and Wynerls
@heatherm_side3 for the cave commons I can't stop myself from adopting

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ - Thank you to everyone who has gifted or traded me things on my wishlist!
Full, semi-organized wishlist here!

Below is a list of my freezies-wishlist, which is possibly on hold for a bit because I can't keep spending money on CC, but I'll keep it here because they are still goals:

Don't Have, higher priority:
❤️ Canic (adorable kitty!) (1 grow, 1 freeze 2nd stage)
❤️ Corphex (blue/purple wolf) (1 grow, 1 freeze 2nd stage)
❤️ Fetti (playful puppy!) (1 grow up, 1 freeze 3rd stage)
❤️ Grisal (blue fire horse/deer/something) (multiple, freeze stages)
❤️ Hydra (2nd-stage snakie!)
❤️ Oscoa (2nd-stage adorable lion-like!)
❤️ Trisk (playful blue kitty) (multiple to freeze and let grow)
❤️ Yiberace (rainbow tiger!) (2nd stage with Rainbow Power Star travel)

Have but need more for freezing:
Fairtop (1 2nd-stage, 1 3rd-stage)
Vulpselle (2nd-stage)

Have and need to freeze:
Tortell (freeze stages)
(Orimalo 'SoFarSoSassy' 2nd-stage)
(Palavas 'Palavasx' 2nd-stage)
Savarab (2nd-stage)
(Lepilex 'Hychian' 2nd-stage)
(Onnekas 3rd-stage)
(Felicete 'Felicetern' 3rd-stage)
---Figure out if freeze or not: Doro 'FuzzyWhut' 2nd stage, Dogfish 2nd stage, Globear current stage

Cave commons lower-priority freeze:
Cayni (3rd-stage purple)
Icenyro (2nd-stage)
Luminette (2nd-stage)
More frozen Tasmas and Wynerls

CC already used on freezies: 21,200CC (!) (as of 6/22/22)
Estimated CC needed for remaining freezies: .... No idea anymore, keeps increasing!
(Reminder to save money to buy CC during discount sale towards end of year, need for cash shop monthlies end of year sale...)

Note for myself, travels:
❤️ Wings Of Glory (retired CC travel)
Rainbow Sun Burst (r100) (retired CC Travel)
❤️ The New Star (r100) (retired CC Travel)
Rock Candy Forest (retired CC Travel)
Exotic Stripes (retired CC Travel)
❤️ Heart Paint Splat (retired CC Travel)
Hidden Eggs in the Sun (retired CC Travel)
❤️ Heart Buds (retired CC Travel)
❤️ Daisy Fields (retired CC Travel)
Spring Flowers (retired CC Travel)
Flowered Hills (retired CC Travel)
❤️ Raining Chocolate Hearts (retired)
Rainbow Rock Falls (Dragold's Den, retired)
Multiborder Clover (retired)
❤️ Rainbow Eggs (Easter Egg Hunt, retired)
Clouds With Hanging Hearts (retired)
Hearted-Shaped Greenery (retired)
Creature Snow Globe (Advent Tree, seasonal)
Clouds (r73)
Colorful Hill (r49)
Egg Patch (r95)
Coona Bubbles (Raccyon Stage 1) (r82)
Leaning on a Pumpkin (Bruxa Stage 1) (r90)
Loving Earth (r81)

About Me?
Mid-30s, she/her, lesbian, mental disorders. Spend most of my time online to 'escape reality', eggcave is very good for that. I'm happy to make friends on here but I do have severe anxiety and sometimes need to avoid direct human contact.
(Note, I've realized I like mindless clicking waaay too much, if you notice me feeding your cove every day and don't want that much feeding feel free to let me know!)

Creatures (218)


icecream • 1 hour ago

Thank you so much for entering my contest! I just added you as a contestant and gave you a point. It didn't let me double post in the forum topic so I thought I'd let you know here haha 😊

spaceistheplace • 1 day ago

Thank you for all the creatures 😃 I am working as hard as I can to earn EC for the cove expansions. They're getting pretty expensive haha

boba • 1 day ago

Hi! Would you take 500k ec for your cc? O,o

gemini_1261 • 2 days ago

Ty! ^^

wonder404exe • 2 days ago

2 Trisks-! woah! you got many many CC 0_0 I still dont have that much

allydogfog • 3 days ago

Hi, about the trade, you dont really need to add the horsca if you dont want to, but I think I will keep the trade up for a bit longer until maybe tomorrow or in a few hours ^^

meowganmews • 4 days ago

Thanks for the feeding! I'm feeding some back now ❤️

mightyeglantine • 6 days ago

Fed all plus both of your sides ❤️

abyssalbard • 1 week ago

Thanks for the feed! Fed back :]

chihiro_sang • 1 week ago

fed some

swmystery • 1 week ago

Handed treats out to your Field of Floofs (side 2) ^^

caskix • 1 week ago

Trade #1007784

spaceistheplace • 1 week ago

Thank you 😃 I should have enough cove space to accept them by the end of the day today

ian_hives • 1 week ago

You're welcome 🌻🖤

wonder404exe • 1 week ago

Ive been camping the shop for more than a month now I haven't seen any Butterfly Wing Costume (Not ANYWHERE) The only place Ive seen it was the site blog 0_0

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