Forever seeking a Sherth - my #1 dream creature 12 Jan 2018, 3:21 PM

29 October 2009
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Every. Single. Word. of this song describes my feelings. Everyday. All the time.

My birthday is on the 8th of September. ^^

My account is old, but I started playing in July 2014.

Side accound: @ida92side - UFT creatures.
I don't accept friend requests on my side. Only on main. I also don't accept random friend requests.

@veema - my immortal storage. Nothing is UFT.

My creature suggestions: Teine, Flamon, Loveer, Mediegon, Suryk, Floxa

My released creature suggestions: Viima (Veema), Quadwing (Ceili)


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2 days ago

Sorry I sent a PM to your side account instead haha just letting you know ^^

3 days ago

Hi, fed MLEC2

4 days ago

Hi. Fed MLEC2

5 days ago

I... revived both of my Otts already, it seems?

Still, depending on the offer, I could see parting with one of them (not with the name).

5 days ago

Here is the lot: Trade #888290

6 days ago

That's akright

6 days ago

A mix would also great

6 days ago

Normal price is 2500 but I ask for you 1800

6 days ago

Yes I have He is on my side account

6 days ago

That sounds about right.

6 days ago

I would accept both, either on their own or mixed. Though I'm a little more interested in CC than EC.

1 week ago

I'm going to pay tomorrow, sorry.

1 week ago

Thanks, got 2 hours to wait

1 week ago

thank you that means a lot! glad these past few months have been positive for you and i truly hope they continue to be positive

1 week ago

that you have people that love and care for you though just always remember how amazing and loved you are by soo many people.

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