Seeking Sherth. Let me know if you have one UFT 2 Apr 2017, 1:39 PM

29 October 2009
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Every. Single. Word. of this song describes my feelings. Everyday. All the time.

My birthday is on the 8th of September. ^^

My account is old, but I started playing in July 2014.

Side accound: @ida92side - UFT creatures.
I don't accept friend requests on my side. Only on main. I also don't accept random friend requests.

@veema - my immortal storage. Nothing is UFT.

My creature suggestions: Teine, Flamon, Loveer, Mediegon, Suryk, Floxa

My released creature suggestions: Viima (Veema), Quadwing (Ceili)


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2 hours ago

Hi fed MLEC2

4 hours ago

Hello Fed MLEC2

20 hours ago

fed MLEC2

1 day ago

Here to feed MLEC2!

1 day ago

Never mind then, sorry for bothering you.

2 days ago

Hi fed all

2 days ago

Hi, is there anything I could offer for your Eirephant or Choconom in your side please? Thanks!

2 days ago

We also need donations of $ / pets so if you would donate to the winner fund that would be awesome!

2 days ago

Hey I am hosting something called POTY (Person Of The Year) And voting has just started so if you would like to vote head over to my topic

2 days ago

fed 20

2 days ago

Hi, fed MLEC2

3 days ago


3 days ago

Is the mishqen in your side uft? If so what would you like?

4 days ago

How much are re u looking for your Ark Victory Day Items? Or are they not uft...

4 days ago

Hi fed MLEC2

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