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ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚Hello there! You can call me Lexi, I'm 24 - cat lover, book hoarder, nap takerヽ(´∀`。)ノ゚

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laylamocha • 3 hours ago

Can I just say this, you are amazing at pairing new travels to creatures. Biwo and Fire and Snow travel? Mind-blown. It doesn't look like much alone, but when you put them together. The magic really happens.

existence • 4 hours ago

I hope I’ll be able to do that! Especially since there’s plenty of really good books out there but at this time and considering my budget, I’d have to put off buying them for quite a while lol.

existence • 4 hours ago

*and how they were such good books but the movies were so far off. (Are you a Harry Potter fan, just wondering cuz it’s been a while since I touched the books and movie but I have very fond memories of them)

existence • 4 hours ago

Owo That’s a lot of books! I hope when I get a job and everything, I can have a book collection that big! And thank god they’re pretty similar, my science teacher was talking about movies the other day and was raving on about how he loved Player Ready One and Interstellar were

laylamocha • 4 hours ago

Lol, if I can't get enough Tullums, I'll hit you up for them.

laylamocha • 5 hours ago

Do you think.. with a theme of floating creature designs will we get something feathery or dandelion puff-like?

laylamocha • 5 hours ago

That so true, my cove deserves 3 Tullums, and 3 Ceryneeans<-All last stage. I found 3 travels that look awesome on it. Ajani Asteroid, Christmas Sky Lights and The Moontop.

laylamocha • 5 hours ago

Mull, hm, the egg stage is super unique, like Stage 2 of the Eggple. Stage 2, is a bubble relative of the Deena, Stage 3 is a bubble person bursting out (I quite like this, I may freeze one here), Stage 4, not really to my preference but bubble person sitting on a bubble throne

laylamocha • 5 hours ago

I know it too! Apparently so does those that update EggCavity, it's a real treat to be able to select travels for unknown stages.

laylamocha • 5 hours ago

All of them. But other than the mysterious Ceryneean, the Tullum is a fun, lively contrast. Not too sure what to think about the Mull, but it's quite nice.

existence • 5 hours ago

Omg, *quickly adds to must read*
I probably need to order those books on Amazon or Kindle. I feel like this pandemic just got me to realize there are so many books that I still need to read! Quick question, is the Jurassic movies really different from the books?

laylamocha • 6 hours ago

Woah, that's a lot. Gogogo~ Day 5 is coming in like 2-3 hours-ish.

existence • 6 hours ago

Thank you! Hmm... One of my favorite books (or old time favorite) is A Separate Peace and Lord of the Flies! I’m currently reading one called Demian and it’s pretty interesting so far! Hbu? And thank you!

laylamocha • 6 hours ago

Blurb, have you been buying more CRWs or are those all Cave drops, cause it's [yeep] lucky if you got all that from the Cave. Hiya, lexi!

lunacharm1037 • 12 hours ago

hiya fed all

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