i have over 4000 items in my strongroom; how many do you have? 26 Sep 2022, 12:58 AM

21 January 2012
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First recorded donor to the SARC!
Suggested the June 2020 monthly theme
Amount spend on CC: ~200$ USD
20+ || She/Her || February 12

Note: This cove is FEED FRIENDLY!
Additionally, please note that I do not do feedbacks.
PS: I am formely known as @chapus2009!


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zircon • 1 day ago

Trade #1019590
Here you go! Thank you!

somnumexterreri • 1 day ago

Have a great day!

jlya • 1 day ago

Your cove is absolutely gorgeous ❤️

thedarkarcher • 2 days ago

Both csp are uft. I have 1k cc currently I can trade if needed. How many of the crw are you looking for?

zircon • 2 days ago

Sure! You mean two Partridges and one Frosabit, correct? Just making sure I understood correctly before I set up the lot. 😊

thedarkarcher • 2 days ago

Hello, I'm interested in your Smorlin I have crw on @roseofthehokage along with other creatures and can offer cc too 😊

wonder404exe • 2 days ago

all of them cant afford a Fetti T^T can they?

parona • 2 days ago

Fed one.

wonder404exe • 2 days ago

which CRW are you looking for? :'0

murfijs • 11 Dec 2022, 2:17 AM

i would like this one please
and once again, thank you so much for hosting the raffle ❤️

lykhaos117 • 23 Nov 2022, 10:22 AM

Fed list and ☆. 😊

heatherm19 • 19 Nov 2022, 9:44 PM

I have 5,129 items in my strongroom, though 'only' 3,220 unique items. Most of the doubles are harder-to-get travels or items for quests. 😊

xxcouchxx • 17 Nov 2022, 6:32 PM

Ok, great!

xxcouchxx • 16 Nov 2022, 8:56 AM

You're good! I have a Klee to trade which is not enough haha.. how up to date is your wishlist? I have creatures here and on my side @xxcouchstoragexx for trade (if the description doesn't say "NFT" it should be ok)!

wonder404exe • 13 Nov 2022, 3:26 PM

‘You have 940 unique items in your Strongroom, with their quantities totaling 1,430. You can store an unlimited amount of items here.’
Most are travels XD

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