You can finally see what items in the shops you already have in your Strongroom!!!!! Its been 84 years................. 15 May 2024, 12:34 PM

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lexicon • 12 Apr 2024, 5:06 PM

thank youuu❤️ impatiently waiting for the last stage bc i think it looks great!

shrimp • 22 Mar 2024, 5:25 PM

No worries at all, and thank you so much!! ❤️ ❤️

shrimp • 22 Mar 2024, 3:10 PM

So sorry, just now actually getting on for the day! But sure, I'm fine with a 250 6.5 split! ❤️ Could I get the one adopted on the 1st? (Gwaren I believe, though I know you're keeping the name!)

shrimp • 21 Mar 2024, 4:13 PM

Hey there! Could I buy one of your Bayaks in the TC for 200CC+7Mil EC? ❤️

silvia • 21 Mar 2024, 3:52 PM

Thank you very much (also, fed back feedlist)! ❤️

silvia • 19 Mar 2024, 5:02 AM

Fed feedlist have a good day. ✨

musical_slytherclaw • 18 Mar 2024, 11:17 AM

thank you so much for the trade! ❤️ been looking for a Naleli for a while, very tempted for your other Naleli but I'll hold back a bit for now haha ^^ ❤️

musical_slytherclaw • 17 Mar 2024, 7:58 PM

hi! will offer in a couple of hours! ❤️

wonder404exe • 15 Mar 2024, 12:47 PM

"In the Roman Republic, triumviri or tresviri were special commissions of three men appointed for specific administrative tasks apart from the regular duties of Roman magistrates."

heh ya got lil bebe today

musical_slytherclaw • 8 Mar 2024, 11:22 AM

hi! yep, still am - still missing a bit of the stuff bc I thought I'd already offered on a previous trade but realized I didn't, should be able to get all of it to you sometime in the next week! ❤️

musical_slytherclaw • 1 Mar 2024, 3:46 PM

hi! still am, sorry I didn't see your earlier message ^^ not on too much this week but will get it to you ASAP ❤️

ninjagirl • 27 Feb 2024, 6:31 AM

Hope you're doing well ❤️

musical_slytherclaw • 26 Feb 2024, 11:49 PM

hi! sorry for the late response, was dealing with something ^^
I'd like to do as much of it in EC as possible, maybe like 750CC + 10M EC? it would round out how much CC I have rn into a nice number. lmk what works! ❤️

musical_slytherclaw • 26 Feb 2024, 9:48 PM

hi! most likely one for now, the female one? ^^ don't think I can afford both at the current moment haha

musical_slytherclaw • 21 Feb 2024, 1:03 AM

hi! price sounds good, would you be willing to take some of it in EC? 😊

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