Seeking Olimpt. Currently very tent about CSP trades. 21 Dec 2020, 11:09 AM

25 January 2018
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duckhunter • 2 hours ago

oh sorry, i didnt know it was reserved. I made another trade Trade #973996

thedarkarcher • 9 hours ago

Okay I will keep that in mind if I need to contact you for anything. I'm glad that you have had a lovely day. Mine has been quiet but I've got a bit done on here today

thedarkarcher • 9 hours ago

No it's okay if im just sorry you missed out if I do any more giveaways I'll send you a pm if you would prefer? Anyhow I hope you are having a lovely day

thedarkarcher • 18 hours ago

Hello are you intrested in any of the free creatures in my lots on @roseofthehokage i really need them gone!

thedarkarcher • 2 days ago

That's okay I'm glad you got what you needed. Ill be on here a lot through the event if you are missing any at the end please let me know and I'll try to help you out

thedarkarcher • 2 days ago

How does around 50cc or 500k for the both sound?

thedarkarcher • 2 days ago

Ah okay if you are still interested please let me know I'm sure we can work out something

thedarkarcher • 2 days ago

Hello I just wanted to say I'm sorry I missed your offer because of work I hope you got what you needed though

thedarkarcher • 3 days ago

That's okay I hope your meeting went well. That's awfully kind but I don't need repaying but I do appreciate your kindness

thedarkarcher • 3 days ago

Your very welcome. Please set up a item lot with a junk item and I'll send over the ec to you

thedarkarcher • 3 days ago

I really hate to see people struggle when it comes to raising ec as it takes forever especially since I barely use it lately. My offer still stands if you would like it, I honestly don't mind and would like to help you out

thedarkarcher • 3 days ago

I have a few million spare would you like me to cover the cost of the 1.5mil you need for @lexicon?

thedarkarcher • 3 days ago

I saw that you was really short on ec and had to lend it. I feel bad accepting it when I'm not too short rn. Please accept it as a gift.

thedarkarcher • 3 days ago

Hello I'm honestly not sure on the value I'm mainly seeking offers rn.

lexicon • 3 days ago

No worries, good luck on your trade!! . How have you been doing? It's been a while!

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