Most creatures uft for low prices. Check my side! :) 26 Jan 2021, 12:41 PM

31 May 2016
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If you're asking about a creature or trade, take it to Mail. But if you have the Subject as "Hi" or "Hello" I will ignore it. Please make sure the Subject Line is meaningful. If you just wanna talk, "Hi" is fine.

Need help with creature pricing? Check this out!

Shout Outs!
*Top Priority ATM: Biwo, Unipeg


Everything on @sky_lord is UFT
All Creatures with a travel in this cove is Extremely Tent
But it doesn't hurt to ask

Leaf of vaka: 10/30/2016


@bockbock : June 5th
@chaos_skymoare : Feb. 27th
@darkmoare : march 14th

Creatures (133)


duckhunter • 2 days ago


kojofuu • 3 days ago

Er... Sure but could you add 50? Some people are bidding 4mil on them.

duckhunter • 4 days ago

bapple sauce

staceyswag • 6 days ago

Hi, would you still be interested in the name Brightens for 80k? Sorry to bother if not.

murmurw • 1 week ago

It’s ok! I had an extra and saw you were looking for one I hope everyone who wants one gets one

murmurw • 1 week ago

You’re welcome

murmurw • 1 week ago


murmurw • 1 week ago

Hi! Are you perhaps looking for a release date Nubbe?

murmurw • 1 week ago

Ok! That’s fine

murmurw • 1 week ago

About 400cc

distorted • 1 week ago

Now you've got me thinking about gobblers- I just thought I saw one-

murmurw • 1 week ago

I have one UFT! Are you able to do CC/EC?

distorted • 1 week ago

Gobblers? Really? XD

murmurw • 1 week ago

Hi! Are you still looking for a Geockard?

staceyswag • 1 week ago

Hi there! I was just curious how much EC your female Gilyon on your side account is?

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