Birthday coming up in 10 days. Causally counting down. Feeding to get a second Tine for my bday. Thanks in advance for those who sends me chocolates :) 16 Feb 2020, 6:46 PM

31 May 2016
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duckduck • 1 hour ago

Oh gotcha ^^ Thanks for your time, have a good one!

duckduck • 1 hour ago

It’s all good. I could also offer the Roknatun for your Pu and ~2.7k cc if you’d be interested in that, though

chihiro_sang • 1 hour ago

fed some

wigglytuff • 1 hour ago

Aha I don’t have that much cc lol ^^”

duckduck • 1 hour ago

No worries, I understand! I put all of my UFT creatures into the TC, although there are a few I would prefer to trade only for creatures from my wishlist

wigglytuff • 1 hour ago

Hello! Would you take anything from my cove or cc for your tine? If so how much?

duckduck • 1 hour ago

Are any of the following creatures from your main UFT?: Gryp, Pu, Tine, Volpe? If any are, maybe we could work out a combination of one or a few of them for the Roknatun (I could also add other creatures from my tab if there are any others that you’re interested in)?

duckduck • 2 hours ago

Hello! At the moment I’m only looking to swap chocolates until I can buy a Tine, but if I have more after that I will let you know And yup, the Roknatun is UFT. I’m mainly looking for wishlist creatures, but I’m open to any offers

arcana • 2 hours ago

Apologies, but I don't sell chocolates. I do 1:1 swaps though!

sugarsprig • 9 hours ago

Ahh I've wanted one for a long time, thank you very much!

sugarsprig • 13 hours ago

Just sent the chocolates! Thank you for the Sammied

sugarsprig • 23 hours ago

Would you be willing to hold it until I get the 100 chocolates? Thanks

sugarsprig • 23 hours ago

Hello, I saw a sammied on your side and was wondering if it was uft for ec?

kdxu • 1 day ago

yes it is!!

pipkitten • 1 day ago

Oh, that's cool! I'm glad you like my suggested creatures!

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