Thank you @Mejary for the Tine! 2 Mar 2020, 1:20 PM

14 November 2019
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Good Day fellow humans,

Please call me Darkmoare (okay don't even ask)

Family(distant but still family ) :
Note: if you ever need anything or have a question, and I'm not on, you can try contacting my cousins, they can talk to me. (literally everyday XD)

still pretty knew to this game but special thanks to @xoxoxo for being so nice and helping me out . You have been much for helpful then my cousins. lol

WOW I can't thanks @jrw48 enough for the free creatures (especially the Impkins!) I'm sad that you're leaving. I really wanted to interact with such a generous person.

Some of my dream creatures that I am seeking (cause I don't have cc ) :
Rannin - Thank you @megamisama90

Thank you and
Good to meet everyone.

Creatures (147)


birdsong • 1 week ago

can I burrow 50kec?

stevepat2002 • 20 Mar 2020, 9:01 AM

Definitely ok with me, you can send it to @amazinggrace

stevepat2002 • 20 Mar 2020, 8:53 AM

So uh, on the Deggo, I accidentally kept [creature] (in the bio). Would you mind changing that to Deggo for me?

mejary • 1 Mar 2020, 11:07 PM

Thanks for the offer Enjoy your Tine

birdsong • 25 Feb 2020, 7:43 PM

hey Darkmoare, can you come over tomorrow? I have something I want to show you

warghost141 • 24 Feb 2020, 5:13 PM

that sounds awesome

warghost141 • 24 Feb 2020, 5:07 PM

I hope we start a great friendship off u ever need anything let me know love.
I am excited to chat to him too and to look after him too on hear make sure nobody tries to scam him of his creatures

warghost141 • 24 Feb 2020, 4:53 PM

you are welcome let me know what your bf user is I would love to welcome him

warghost141 • 24 Feb 2020, 4:49 PM

yeah go ahead and offer ill accept

playermocha345 • 24 Feb 2020, 8:53 AM

I don't really need the EC the..

playermocha345 • 24 Feb 2020, 1:11 AM

Yep. I do! @status. I tots support that.. I think you'll get lots of EC from that. XD

skymoare • 14 Feb 2020, 1:23 PM

fed all

captaincookies • 12 Feb 2020, 7:22 PM

I’d be down

thundore • 3 Feb 2020, 10:07 AM

sure, I will send it over when I get more creatures out

bockbock • 22 Jan 2020, 8:13 PM

That’s fine

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