4 November 2013
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Don't write on my wall about trades, please PM me when trading! It's hard to keep up on the conversation otherwise.

You can call me Misa/Megami.
I support re-release.
My Encalop ❤️ isn't UFT.
My whole cove is feed friendly ^^
My creature suggestion
Most of the creatures in my UFT for WL tab can be also bought with CC/EC. There are some I will only trade for WL creatures but just ask if you're interested! ^^

I'm BIG Sailor Moon fan ❤️. I love cats and I've two lovely cats ❤️❤️❤️. I mostly listen to kpop and jpop. I like to sing and I used to be in a choir.

UFTs are here @megamisama90_side2
My best friend ❤️ Go feed her creatures too! @anzica

Faymanita /// Seedart
Corsal /// Ecorth // Elkikorn /// Goblar // Guinstar /// Laniwon /// Nym /// Shamrue /// Unchaga

Travel Wishlist:
Beaming Light From Behind
Bird and Dragon Ivy Sculptures
Fake Desert Oasis
Fireworks Explosion Party
Heavenly Light
Massive Geyser
Red Rock Mesa
Ring in the Bells
Twinkling Pumpkin Forest
Under Sea Viewing Tunnel
Water Temple

Creatures (1,270)


kleineprinz • 1 day ago

How much are you asking for Sabbomet ? I saw him in your doubles group, I don't know if he's for sale

boba • 3 days ago

Oh, its fine! I just found someone, (@/chapus) that will trade me Fettis! :>

boba • 4 days ago

Also, do you know anyone with a Fetti or Laika or Beaguile UFT for creatures? If so could you send me their user? Thanks!

boba • 4 days ago


boba • 5 days ago

Fed Encalops! ❤️

murmurw • 6 days ago

😊 thank you ❤️

tryvegan4theanimals • 1 week ago

Hi Misa! So sorry I've been out of touch these past few weeks. This week is especially busy, but I should be free to start chatting again very soon. Much love to you, and I hope you're doing well 😊💕

carsaphir • 9 Jun 2022, 10:16 AM

Hi, I have fed G and H. Have you a nice day 😊

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