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14 March 2020
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Update: Most creatures in this cove will be NUFT unless given an incredible offer! I’m trying to redo my cove using only two travels as my theme. If you have any, let me now the reason for not wanting to keep trading out my creatures is because that would mess up my whole cove and I don’t like that! If you want to look for anything, check my storage account: @murmuring
I usually but doubles, extras, or creatures that don’t fit into this cove there.

Status Update:
- Listening to:
- Blood // Water
- Crazy Over You - BlackPink
- Pretty Savage - BlackPink
- Doing: Procrastination
- Mood: Depressed

About Me:
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Favorite Color: Light Green (Like the color of fresh grass)
Huge procrastinator - Ex. Me being on here when I have work to do

I Support Re-release

Currently into:
- Kpop
- EXO, BTS, BlackPink, Straykids, Got7, Seventeen, Day6
- Disclaimer: I am not some kind of fangirl or koreaboos you here about all the time, I just like to listen to their songs; what I do stan is their messages, & positivity
- Anime
- Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, Tower of God, Hunter x Hunter
- LN

Storage Account: @murmuring

1. CC Vouchers
2. EC
3. Orciel (Egg or Child)
4. Muffette (Egg or Child)
5. Lyralopex (Egg or Child)
6. Aqueueren
7. Gorri (Egg or Frozen Child Stage)
8. Alleniwer (Egg or Child) - Male
9. Anything I don't have

Personal Notes:

10/06/20: @megamisama90 - Thank you so much for the Shawloot! Gifted to me during a trade.
10/18/20: @theposiden649 - Thank you so much for the Goggy!
11/24/20: @kyubee - No way! Thank you so much for the cc


“Sometimes you wanna disappear....but what you really want is to be found"

"It's hard turn the page when you know someone won't be in the next chapter, but the story must go on"

“Sometimes pain is the only feeling that reminds you, that you are still alive”

“I’m drowning and no ones noticed because I'm so good at pretending I can swim”

“Life is like a piano, happiness are the white keys, and sadness are the black keys, over time you learn that the black keys make music too.”

"Someday I will be dead. And you'll think that I'm just offline."

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kyubee • 6 hours ago

Positive!! If I can give you more before the year ends I will

kyubee • 7 hours ago

Oh wow that is a lot. Haha hmm... I don't have that much to spend yet and I'm not too good with values and stuff like that... I'll see what I can do though!

kyubee • 9 hours ago

I finally am able to buy CC haha how much do you need?

distorted • 1 day ago

Thank you! Hru?

distorted • 1 day ago

Offered the ec!

beloved_silence • 1 day ago

Just offer c:

kittycatgirl240 • 1 day ago

I have been out of the reading hobby, But I know some great webcomics! Would you like to move to pm to continue this conversation?

kittycatgirl240 • 1 day ago

I wish I could cook lol! What you like reading?

kittycatgirl240 • 1 day ago

XP what do you like to do for fun?

kittycatgirl240 • 1 day ago

I'm actually doing the same, lol! I've been drawing all a creature from the archive everyday.

kittycatgirl240 • 1 day ago

Hello! Hru?

nightslayer300 • 2 days ago

How are you?

nightslayer300 • 2 days ago


starflight767 • 2 days ago

apologies for late reply! sorry, but those 3 are not UFT, unless you have an unfrozen Fourbon Egg UFT, in which case i'll trade the Muffette and the Seralphae, but not the Squinton.

ekmmke • 3 days ago

Awesome, thank you!

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