This is a Feed Friendly Cove. I have an 🧁Egg Feed List of 70 & a 🌷Creatures Feed List of 35 & a 🦜UFT List of 19, so you can choose the # you'd like to feed. I'm feeding somewhat less due to Carpal Tunnel pain, but I'm keeping up the best I can. 🩷 7 Apr 2024, 10:05 PM

14 August 2023
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My Cove & 3 Feed Lists are all Feed Friendly! 🥑 🍒
Post a note if you'd like a feed back, sometimes it's hard to keep track 🍔 🧁

My current Wish List:

**Peaflower **Nyacos**Ami**Ophirum**Beweg**Seleni**Oscoa**Raskoon**
If anyone wants to trade for any of the above, let me know! EC is preferable, as I'm living on a "fixed income".

Gifts recently received: **Cranotter ~ gift from Foreigners, Thank you! 🩷
and **Finti, Ruum & Aurelian ~ gifts from anarchy, Thanks so much! 💜
and a **Vandao from Komore, Thank you! 💚
Also an Ariovis from silkenoid, thank you for your generosity! 💖
and 2 otters from turelure85, thank you so much! 💕
I love this place, best comrades in the online game world!

Thank you, Ashlinnhi, for the conversion rate between cc and ec: the standard conversion rate is 50CC = 500k EC or 100CC = 1mil EC. nut confirmed that ratio to me as well, I love how people here at eggcave are so helpful & quick to respond!

Creatures (246)


zircon • 55 minutes ago

Fed all! Have a nice day 😊

silvia • 8 hours ago

Fed, have a good day. ✨

lunacharm1037 • 16 hours ago

Tysm for the yummy food, fed all 🥓🍔and🍟 😊

turelure85 • 1 day ago

Express distribution 😊🥐🥖🧈☕🍵🥤Have a good evening 💻🛋️& sweet dreams!🌟😴

silvia • 1 day ago

Fed, have a good day. ✨

kitsune37 • 1 day ago

🌸Thank you for the feed back and I hope your hand feels better. Have a good day🌸

lia • 1 day ago

fed all! 😊

turelure85 • 1 day ago

Thank you for this delicious breakfast😋Nourished🍱🍰🍒& ☕️,Enjoy your day🌅🌞

silvia • 2 days ago

Fed, have a good day. ✨

turelure85 • 2 days ago

Feed yours with🥩 prime rib🍚rice🥗salad🥧lemon tart🌠☕coffee.Enjoy your day🏖️&sweet dreams😴 🐑🐑🐑🐑

lunacharm1037 • 2 days ago

fed eggs fruit 🍇🍍🍒🍓 and yogurt parfait

silvia • 3 days ago

Fed, have a good day. ✨

kitsune37 • 3 days ago

🌸Fed your cuties, except the immortals🌸 Have a great week! 🌸

turelure85 • 3 days ago

Thank you for the good food😋& the double feed day🥰Feeded mussels marinieres🥖🧈bread and butter.🍐🍓🧁desserts of your choice.Sweet dreams😴🌃

lunacharm1037 • 3 days ago

it's 80 degrees out, so Y are my feet cold? Thanks for the yummy breakfast, fed 🥞 with fruit topping🍒🍓🍇 and ☕

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