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6 April 2016
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GONE ALL SUMMER: I'm going to do a road trip with my family. Going to New York then to Florida then Puerto Rico. After all this I'll being moving to a different house but same area.

Sad Today: Had to give away my dog. He's not happy living inside all day. So he could have a better life. I gave him to my brother's friend who has "DogHeaven" at his place.

About Me: I love animals, especially ones that are always misunderstood. I have 2 fish, I love to be outside. I live in TX, working on my goal to change the sight of wolves. I have one wolfdog named Andrew. He loves to go for car rides and enjoys playing with kids and other little animals. Gosh, his best friend is my neighbor's cat! I love music for I play Trombone and Trumpet, sometimes even the saxophone. I love my companions and always will. Yovi and Jim Dandy I will always love you!

Birthday: June 13-----Sorry to those that don't like it, but I am a Friday 13th baby.


@villain has whole cove UFT

Age: 14

Friends Birthday's:
@leafstarofskyclan October 7th

UFT side account @tertals
Soon to be Maser Hoard! @steamblade

@gogetavegito2498 wants a Zinzall

My wish list I long, but I love creatures and people. Judge if you like, but to me, you are a friend always.
I'm currently remaking but do offer any type of creature I don't have

Creatures (331)


1 day ago

Hey, hope your summer is going swell, and hope band isn't eating your life (not like that would be bad or anything, but...)

1 week ago

I missed your birthday!! By almost a whole month!! I sent all the presents I was saving for your birthday, I thought it was in July :/

4 weeks ago

Hi! I have a bunch of Tasers which I am willing to trade, is either your Spoto or Pebblove UFT? I really want them both, thanks so much!

1 month ago

I am seeking one of the Ganskoros at Tertals.

1 month ago

Are you still seeking Masers? I have plenty for you!

1 month ago

Fed all!

1 month ago


Someone told me that your were hoarding Tasmas + Masars...cars to buy any? ^^

1 month ago

Hi, thanks for being so patient! Offered ^^

1 month ago

Hiya is your Vanmand uft?

2 months ago

Hi! Super interested in one of your Kyooties UFT. Let me know if you can separate one!

2 months ago

I'm interested in one of your male Eirephants from your lot for $25K, can you please make a separate lot? Thank you ^^ Fed all!

2 months ago

Hi I'd like to buy 2 of your female onneka if still available? ^-^