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All hail the common #EOTYC

19 June 2014
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Side cove: @darkwingsidecove (everything there is tentatively UFT, as long as you have a good offer) Please don't click or feed there.
Most creatures on this account aren't UFT, but I might consider a trade if you have a good offer or if you're fairly new.

A normally friendly but shy person. I'm a collector, sort of, and I have a tendency to horde creatures, items, and travels that I like. I usually prefer not to trade my creatures, unless I have more than one of it. I'm also willing to sell names, I suppose.

dying coves

Please Note: Even if it says that I'm online, I might not be, because I always have multiple tabs of Eggcave open, even if I'm not currently using it.

Also, I'm an aspiring sprite artist, and I'm always looking for opportunities to practice. If you want to request a sprite, just post a request on my wall, or PM me. Although I'd prefer to sprite different Egg Cave creature, I'd be fine with something else, as long as it isn't a person, and there's a reference image. My DA is http://darkwing35177.deviantart.com

A list of coves to feed.

Please note: Because of my hiatus, I know next to nothing about values and such, so I apologize if I over/under offer, or something like that.

my wishlist

Current Main Fandom: Danganronpa

Side Fandoms: Pokemon, Warriors, Funamusea (Mainly Wadanohara/Ice Scream)

Quick General Wishlist: -Entirely based on personal aesthetics, with no thought or idea of rarity-

[2nd]-Clinoney (Stage 2)
[4th]-Mystic Bought one from @shield !
[5th]-Corunis Bought one from @ladysaphire !
[6th]-Luminese Got one in an auction, but I'm still collecting them.

Current Collections:
Plushies (Especially Second Generation Ami Plushies)
Creature Teapots/Cups

To Do List:
-Give every creature a profile and bio
-Finish @leafstarofskyclan 's sprite
-Collect 10mil EC
-Collect 15K CC
-Immortalize all of my creatures
-Get my dreamies
-Learn more about values


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6 days ago

Thanks! I don't know XD, I don't buy cc XD

6 days ago

Ckick this? Thanks http://eggcave.com/egg/1688246

3 weeks ago

Fed all!

1 month ago

that's perfect!

1 month ago

omg i'm so sorry i already accepted another offer on the Ami :c

2 months ago

EC preferably! ^^

2 months ago


3 months ago


3 months ago


3 months ago

No thank you

3 months ago

Thank you

3 months ago

Lot #707884 Offer anything (tho, if possible but not necessary, add 4,500ec)

3 months ago

Would you still be interested in the manticore?

4 months ago

Great, I feel the same.

4 months ago

Hey, how is it going?

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