doing chocolate exchanges and buying chocos with cc :) willing to do little discounts if you'd like ;) also my cove is in a complete mess right now help 18 Feb 2020, 1:14 AM

6 April 2017
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galaxyleopard • 17 hours ago

Okay! Have a great day!

galaxyleopard • 17 hours ago

Ah I sold my last Tine that was UFT, but i can try and get another and we could work something out then if you like!

galaxyleopard • 1 day ago

Woah loads! I like these

skymoare • 1 day ago

ah, okay. thanks anyways. If it's UFT, I can add for it. If not then sorry for bothering

skymoare • 1 day ago

hmm, will you take a tine for your Aqueueren then?

icesparkle22 • 2 days ago

go getcah own caohclate

skymoare • 2 days ago

ah okay, feel free to send an offer, not being too picky about offers. As long as it's fair I'm happy

skymoare • 2 days ago

I'm not really sure what I'm seeking for it, so just shoot me an offer. (I have been getting some offers so I want to see my options). Budgie calls for the Tine as 5kcc but I consider my Tine value around 4-4.5kcc. Just give me offer please

topaz • 2 days ago

That fine we can exchange them plead don't send me more than 20. I have very bad wrist and hurts to feed more then 20
I am feeding now to get 200 boxes to pay back ppl. I have 3 pages to return

topaz • 2 days ago

so I need to buy chocolates now haha I want to get another creature from prize shop! I have 265 I need at alease 735 boxes now! so I can either pay for 100 or do chocolates but not 100 the most I can do is like 20 lol. before my wrist hurts again.

Orderedchaos • 3 days ago

My whole cove is feed friendly.

topaz • 3 days ago

cool. hey I am almost at 25

much will you give me and easy for me to do 25 each time lol because of my wrist

Please put cc in shop

topaz • 3 days ago

i have 450cc right now so I need 50cc to make 500cc what I meant lmao

topaz • 3 days ago

50cc to make even 500cc I hate none even numbers

topaz • 3 days ago

do you have any cc for sale I have ec now lol.

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