if you've never done gobbler hunting you dont know the pain when,, you,,, see,,,, a gobbler,,,,, and you,,,,,,,, accidentally;;;;;;; hit;;;;;;;;;;;;;; refresh;;;;;;; 2 Nov 2019, 12:30 AM

6 April 2017
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loumina28 • 14 hours ago

Okay. I am interested in the Unusith, but first I need to gather the cc for it, since I don't have any on hand, only some ec and creatures to trade. I'll probably have 50-100 cc soon, so I might offer for it. Thanks for letting me know and sorry for bothering!

loumina28 • 21 hours ago

Hello! I saw you trade and I'm interested in your Leoaquar. Would you accept my Messoh, Valenbun and a star common for it? (The Valenbun has a retired travel from 2015's egg hunt, but I'm not sure if that increases its value.)

galaxyleopard • 1 day ago

Have a great day!

galaxyleopard • 1 day ago

Oh okay that’s fine! Thanks anyway!

galaxyleopard • 1 day ago

Here’s the link! Thank you soo much!
Trade #937937

lunacharm1037 • 1 day ago

fed your feeds list

lunacharm1037 • 1 day ago

Gobblers come out, come out, I'm a vegetarian. I wont eat you...well that didn't help lol

galaxyleopard • 1 day ago

No thanks sorry I’m pretty close to them.

galaxyleopard • 1 day ago

I have 100CC or anything in my cove? I’m really desperate!

bgunny • 2 days ago

Yeah, there are turkeys around here too, but they're very rare to see. They like to stay hidden in the forests. I probably won't see a real life turkey until Thanksgiving...

bgunny • 4 days ago

@status Haha, I so understand that! I think what's worse, though, is when I see a gobbler, and I click on it and... it turns out to be my eyes seeing things -_-

shadowfaxe • 1 week ago

@status I feel you, it's happened to me so many times, I swear I missed about 20 that way ;-;

Also I'm so sorry for taking so long to get you the 250CC back, I'm trying my best to scrape things together

raccoon • 1 week ago

Sure, Feel free to hmu later if you still want the other names too. Trade #937411

raccoon • 1 week ago

I'm just throwing out ideas, we can 100% haggle any of these prices I was thinking maybe 50cc each except for Guzma, since I'm a bit picky with him. I was thinking maybe 200cc for him?

raccoon • 1 week ago

psssst ;o you interested in buying some pokemon names? I've got Guzma, Mohn, Sandygast, Palossand, Beheeyem, and Clamperl.

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