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21 April 2015
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marner • 15 hours ago

Yeah, it would take me a bit to make that up, if you don't mind putting the name on hold.

lonewolf • 21 hours ago

Roo Gingerbread Cookie? o:

poptarts • 1 day ago

I see, unfortunately someone already wanted the name. ^-^ Thanks for looking!

poptarts • 1 day ago

Hey, do you have any interest in names from @theothersideofpoptarts ? All names are for free, though if you want a name on a LE/Endangered I would have to switch those over to a common. Feel free to pick as many as you like out.

shadowfaxe • 1 day ago

Hi friend! How you doing?

marner • 1 day ago

Oh, I don't think I have any names. Unless there's something on one of my sides that you like, but I highly doubt that. Feel free to check @noot and @teddy267s_storage for names, but would you take EC? Mad props on remembering I wanted the name lmao!

mairbear • 1 day ago

Ahh I knew you were on hiatus cause I didn't see you around as much as usual Welcome back though ^^ What was ur internship in? Did you have a good time in new york? ^^ I'd love to live in NYC for a few months...

lonewolf • 1 day ago

That's fine and understandable! If you ever change your mind, let me know

lonewolf • 1 day ago

That's awesome, I hope you end up doing something like that eventually. Yeah- most of those I only have 1 of so I wouldn't trade. Do you go off Budgie's guide for CC pricing?

mairbear • 1 day ago

Heyyy I've been good, been a little too active on eggcave recently tbh lol. I'm waiting for valentines and then I'm overdue for a hiatus lol. How are you? ^^

lonewolf • 1 day ago

So for the Lovador and Fetti could we do CC/creature mix? Any creatures of mine you are interested in? That's cool though- I am a Veterinary Technician and my dream job would be to work at a zoo- but it's super competitive. Is your dream job to work for Disney as an animator?

lonewolf • 1 day ago

Also, happened to see you are going to work at Disney! So cool! One of my friends worked at Florida Disney World in the animal care department!

lonewolf • 1 day ago

Do you have a Lovador for trade? (I saw one with UFT in the name on your side) and your Furrep and Fetti?

wild_wonders • 1 day ago

Aww yeah i remember now. :c The painful 5 XD I barely even see any of them uft nowadays. But gosh, you must have spent so much on cove slots and buying pets you don't even want. And wow, disney world! That's super cool, what an achievement! ^^

lonewolf • 1 day ago

Hi! How To Train Your Arnmnae?

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