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23 December 2009
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Rejoined eggcave after a 9 year hiatus on the 22nd Feb 2021 -coming back to see what eggcave has to offer nowadays. Nice to meet you!

Feed friendly as they all need to be immortalised

Names UFT thread: going rate is 100-500k EC and occasionally CC for select ones.

Zekkas - current obsession; offering 40k EC for each
◇ Mos! If anyone has any that are unwanted, feel free to send them my way I've always really liked them.

Collecting commons? Sign your name so we can gift you.

My friend @yousha isn't here a lot but if you feed his cove and help his creatures hatch, I'll feed back in return

Wishlist of the dreamer:
TLDR: Ultimate dreamie: Foo

Basically cave monthlies or event pets during 2009 - 2011 ; if you have any for trade please get in contact - trying to rebuild my cove

Friends to feed:
@izziedragon ; @nuggy
@lexicon; @dulce
@frankenstein ; @toebeans

Wall Posts
I like having conversations on my wall so please:
♧ no random advertising of what you're selling - if it's not on my wishlist, I'm probably not interested.
♧ I have no CC for sale unless I directly offer to you
♧ I have no creatures UFT unless in the Trade Center

♡ If you're looking for an item or a travel I'll definitely look out for it

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murmurw • 1 minute ago

Yes, 200cc, or any CC & EC mix is fine ^.^ Accepted & thank you!

murmurw • 10 minutes ago

Here’s a trade for her: Trade #982991

murmurw • 12 minutes ago

Sure, how much CC & EC tho? (I’m going to move it to main & make a trade here cuz I hate moving around EC xD)

sapphire12 • 54 minutes ago


peachycupcake525 • 1 day ago

Fed all

burrito13 • 1 day ago

Trade #982816
I got two more Zekkas for you

ratqueen • 2 days ago

^^ hello sorry i have to decline the muska i had to down size my own muska hoard for 50 to 10 but thank you anyways

cho • 2 days ago

oh hecc definitely, i'm so taking a break doing nuthin too XD surprise , depression is a daily uphill battle
me: %!#&$!^$*%

cho • 2 days ago

also offered (finally!!!)

zircon • 2 days ago

Would 2 million EC be okay? : )

dragonelle • 3 days ago

Hi ! I have a Zekka if you want if : Trade #982706

cho • 3 days ago

sooo 0 sleep and 100% later i was up doing chores and emails TwT how are u?

zircon • 3 days ago

How much EC/CC would you be looking for for your Qutten?

lia • 4 days ago

nah i'm good

soraia • 4 days ago

I'm good, and thank you! Feeding some of yours as well

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