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6 April 2010
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Hello fellow Arkians! I'm Maria~

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|~Item Collection~| #BOAF |

Trade Info
UFT: @mystic
Seeking: Wishlist

~ mairbear ♩♪♫♬

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icecream • 2 days ago

Thank you for the trade 😊

lunacharm1037 • 6 days ago

Hiya 😃 ❤️ i fed your pets

icecream • 6 days ago

Oh and for that price you don't need to offer the puffup on top of it haha

icecream • 6 days ago

Can you do 50cc or 500k EC? That's how much people offered on my other release day monthlies

dragrawr • 6 days ago

Aaa food is super lovely yes ^^ I had a breakfast burrito with honey earlier so tastyyy, I got to pet some puppies earlier so I'm relatively content.

studying for finals tho ^^;

tokio • 6 days ago

dw i got it!!

dragrawr • 6 days ago

How are you doing? 😋

icecream • 6 days ago

Thank you as well! 😊

tokio • 6 days ago

thank you so much!! enjoy!

tokio • 6 days ago

no preference on the gender, i'm fine with whatever ^^ everything else sounds good!

tokio • 6 days ago

AAAAAAAA it's perfect thank you so so much ;.; if it's not too much trouble, i'd like an abet and luskrull please ;u;

tokio • 6 days ago

^^; i'm sorry again for all this silliness, yes i think that would work. i like...uhhh... dark colors, mostly grays and blacks. i love halloween/'spooky' creatures (i don't have a public wishlist but it's mostly that) and cats :>

wonder404exe • 6 days ago

They are currently putting themselves together after being broken into peiced by social anxiety and this is the most awkward convo i had ever had with 3 ppl lmao

ian_hives • 6 days ago

you're always welcome)

tokio • 6 days ago

the person below me is correct. sorry dude my social anxiety is acting up bad and I apologize for it

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