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Hello fellow Arkians! I'm Maria~

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UFT: @mystic
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~ mairbear ♩♪♫♬

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surgeon • 1 day ago

Fed all for ya ~ and I got a Tine !! Just thought i'd celebrate on your wall haha

surgeon • 3 days ago

Feeding all for ya !

xxshadowclawxx • 3 days ago

walking my dogs internet surfing

shirona • 3 days ago

return to. Yup, there's tape at my parks, too. Waiting for all of it to fly off ;p So far it seems that way. No one has stopped me yet and if they do - I'll show them my SSN to get them to leave me alone arr! Haha I'd hate to end up the news, too lol So what have you been doing

shirona • 3 days ago

At least they're not in a supermarket...that would be the worse. OR like you, dealing with the elderly or sick. But yeah, someone's gotta keep the economy going right now. Don't want that to sink or else there won't be any point in isolating. There'll be nothing left to

shirona • 3 days ago

Walmart =; But I'll try everywhere that the media is claiming to be "hiring" right now... Yeah, it's not safe but I don't mind the exposure if it means I'll build up immunity to it. Don't want to get sicker, especially if there's going to be waves.

xxshadowclawxx • 4 days ago

yeah its been ok but boring at home and it sucks i know

xxshadowclawxx • 4 days ago

rolling in the cove staying 6ft cause of social distancing lawls whats up XD

silvershadow • 5 days ago

can only recognise a few vowels lol. i may actually start learning properly because we have all the time in the world lmaO.

silvershadow • 5 days ago

attention to the drama lol so i've just checked it and it shows both the english translation and hangul. the hangul is clickable. gives both pronunciation, alternate words and meaning very, very helpful if you want to learn oof that's further then i've gotten! i-

silvershadow • 5 days ago

pronunciation and meaning ^^ i'm pretty sure it's available on most series, but i don't really know as for the site itself, i think there's a premium version, but it costs money it's incredibly helpful! i learnt certain phrases but then i payed more-

silvershadow • 5 days ago

^^ ah right, . it's a free site for watching k-dramas ^^ basically, they work like normal subs, if left untouched. however, if you click on subs, there's this little button that says 'learning mode'. it lets you click on the hangul to show-

surgeon • 5 days ago

Also fed all for ya ~

surgeon • 5 days ago

Oh it waslike a program Im working on to figure out the Hepatitis B virus. If we figure that out we wanna use the same program to work on COVID
Oh man, stay safe in the hospitals, its definitely a risky place to be right now... do you guys have protection?

oscoa • 5 days ago

It as my fan account for bighit family xD I'm afraid to tweet my feelings, life, selca day & etc just a silence dan account cuz in twitter its more public so I don't like to post anything there O.o No no I'm not starting Run BTS from ep 1 its the latest ep

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