FEED FRIENDLY! // Up for exchanges: 10:10, 30:30, etc! - might take a bit to return them, but I will :) // Trading CC for chocolates, check out my trades! // [LF] Pink Flower Arch (Travel!) 16 Feb 2020, 5:48 PM

21 January 2015
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toast • 3 hours ago

Hi! Would anything here interest you for your tine?

moonweaver • 12 hours ago

Umm... 100k EC? I try to stay away from trading chocos since I really need a Tine xD

moonweaver • 18 hours ago

Hi! I was wondering how much the name Shadowbinder from your UFT side would be? ^^

animefan • 18 hours ago

I feed all your pets.

mintkitten • 1 day ago

I have no more time to really feed for chocos but I am doing a Scorbis -- > multiple tine trade with my bro so I guess it'll work out T.T" // ugh I know I keep pushing it back but I'll definitely respond on disc

mintkitten • 1 day ago

I'm going to work on profiles tomorrow! // Yeah sure haha >< // .w. I do want to! I'll keep an eye out for you! // Aww ; ; thanks so much ahh I do love her ; ; asdjfbakdf she'll never leave // Have a good day tmrw too

kdxu • 1 day ago

helloo would you happen to have any names ending with -ment uft?

arcana • 1 day ago

Apologies for such a late reply! I don't think I can buy an Innu or Nyanka as of right now, but if I have any excess, I'll consider it!

hippy • 1 day ago

Oopsies! My bad!

mechanicalheart • 1 day ago

Sorry, I'm so lost with all the wall posts and such today. Haha. ^^
What movie are you seeing? (Unless you already saw it) And thanks, my day has in fact been a little less busy. Though I have mounds of homework to get to. Darn eggcave, tempting me with this event. ;-;

ethereality • 1 day ago

thanks for the trade

duckduck • 1 day ago

Sure! Trade #947734 ~ Thanks so much

ethereality • 1 day ago

Trade #947735 thank you

ethereality • 1 day ago

I'll get right on it

ravensong • 1 day ago

Thanks for the creature swap!

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