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I am wishing the best for you ❤️

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dreamworld • 1 day ago

#16 xmidnightstarx 1,752 Gobblers
#17 dreamworld 1,627 Gobblers

dreamworld • 1 day ago

Here what she said to me

I’m looking for about 1.5kcc value
I would take the leaf of vaka as part of that. You can mix cc, ec, and creatures

dreamworld • 1 day ago

I ask the user if she do 10 million ec with leaf of Vala for payment for her kitty lol
Wish me luck
She want 1.5kcc or equal value

applegranny • 1 day ago

Thank you, Alex, I appreciate the note. I do have your wish list and I will get to it, I promise, just not too sure when.

dreamworld • 1 day ago

Hey do you have cc for sale

xmidnightstarx • 1 day ago

Of course! I always feed my friends coves! We are both good. How are you!?

dreamworld • 1 day ago

to bad you dont want to trade creatures for ones you want lol we could for that one but I doubt you want too lol

dreamworld • 1 day ago

Yeah I need cc I have ec but I need 650cc or anything helps what users have for sale.

dreamworld • 1 day ago

I found one but I doubt they take creatures for it I don't have any cc. that why I cant wait to win the 1000cc from event

dreamworld • 1 day ago

thank you. I want female to name her after my cat Oreo

dreamworld • 1 day ago

I been here since 2014 on and off and Never had one. users weren't selling them if they do they sell them more than it's worth so I never had one lol.

dreamworld • 1 day ago

how much did you pay for her? How did you get enough cc?

dreamworld • 1 day ago

oh my god you got one of my wishlist creatures How did you afford that?

rockchick6000 • 2 days ago

Fed all

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