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4 April 2010
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Hello and welcome to my profile!
My name is Iris (yes, Iris, not Isis, but you can call me either one 😊)
More about me 🌈

Side accounts
@isis_storage - Everything here is UFT! Feel free to ask about anything anytime 😊
@capybara - My capicoco collection! Please click them all to help them grow 🥺

My entire cove is feed friendly and feeds are always greatly appreciated!
The "MLEC2/feed pls" tab has the priority if you (understandably) only want to feed a few.
If you comment on my profile that you've fed, I will feed back asap! If you don't comment, I'll assume you don't require feedbacks.
Don't feel obligated to feed back if I've fed your creatures!

If you have anything from my WL UFT I'd be happy to make an offer!
I'm also always buying any spare capicocos, let me know if you have any for sale ❤️
Nothing on this account is UFT unless in TC, check @isis_storage for UFT critters.

Creature ideas

Used ideas: Capicoco and Bushay

Unused ideas: Pockit and Seiromaisha (collab)

Notes to myself
Hungry Donnolas
Vulkan Tribe

Creatures (626)


wonder404exe • 6 days ago

You are desperate 😭

wonder404exe • 1 week ago

By not accepting my offer

wonder404exe • 1 week ago

S U s

wonder404exe • 1 week ago


wonder404exe • 1 week ago

💀 what happened
who hurt you...

wonder404exe • 1 week ago

🤔 Trade #1048047
what if i offer 200CC

heatherm19 • 1 week ago

Thank you so much! ❤️

silvia • 1 week ago

Tysm for the trades! If you see anything else you'd like, lemme know! ❤️✨

christine13531 • 8 Apr 2024, 8:56 PM

I must admit I am still confused: What eggs?

christine13531 • 8 Apr 2024, 4:21 PM

Thank you for the Puffups! ♡
@status I'll do you one better: Why eggs?

arihja • 8 Apr 2024, 12:15 PM

Thank you for the trade and the Friend request 😊 have a nice day

komore • 6 Apr 2024, 8:05 AM

we always ask where eggs but we never ask how eggs

dragrawr • 5 Apr 2024, 6:09 PM


shrimp • 5 Apr 2024, 3:40 AM

No worries at all love! Sent one your way ❤️

shrimp • 5 Apr 2024, 3:08 AM

Hey there!! I was about to send you an Eastern Jungle but it looks like your inv is full :'] Whenever you clear a spot just @ me or post on my wall and I'll send it over!

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