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4 April 2010
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I'm Iris (yes, Iris, NOT Isis, but you can choose how to call me ) and I'm from the Netherlands.
And I like friend requests, I always accept them!
Feeds are always greatly appreciated but I might not be able to feed back. I'll try, though!
-Creatures with backgrounds are NFT unless stated otherwise in their profile. Feel free to ask me about others.
-Most of what I can offer right now is EC/backgrounds, because I just restarted
Current goals:


-A freeze

-Two revives

-I'm always looking for more feline creatures (also common ones)! If you have any UFT or UFA, please message me

-I'm on a quest to find my old creatures! Goal is not necessarily to take them back, but just to find out where they are now If you remember adopting something from me, please message me
Member of MLEC2. List:

@novrain62 @clawstra @ugena
@mrsgiggles @icedragon3000
@rashka @mistishackleton
@piucca @rockchick6000
@umbregrl @lilminxy_
@clockz @laitha @kiryko
@byfelisa @yileen
@lucywithdiamonds @kampos

PS: Cave/OlimptforIsisedit.png.html
Made by Flashbunny
Made by Trish
Made by Petpet55
Made by Crescentfeather
Made by Iluvdougbug

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prairie • 4 Jun 2019, 1:38 PM

@status that is my mood this year.

opal_dreams • 25 May 2019, 11:09 PM

Been too long - miss you xx

novrain62 • 1 May 2019, 11:36 PM

Hello It's been so long since you've been around. I hope you are doing well and enjoying life!
Fed all the creatures that are still here. Come on by to say hello some time!!

novrain62 • 20 Oct 2018, 11:34 PM

All fed

novrain62 • 17 Oct 2018, 10:45 PM

And now you're 21 ... miss you!

novrain62 • 1 Oct 2018, 3:36 PM

Hello. All fed

novrain62 • 9 Sep 2018, 5:31 AM

Miss You. Now you're 21!! If you pop in, give me a shout.

rabbitwanter • 7 Sep 2018, 1:16 AM

novrain62 • 28 Jun 2018, 12:55 AM

novrain62 • 11 Apr 2018, 7:28 PM

Hi fed the last one

novrain62 • 17 Mar 2018, 7:31 AM

☘️ Happy St Patrick's Day! ☘️

indian_ammi • 2 Mar 2018, 9:57 PM

Fed all

iris1929578 • 23 Feb 2018, 10:49 PM

Fed MLEC2 even though I’m not part of it (we have the same names! )

opal_dreams • 18 Jan 2018, 12:10 AM

HEY Miss you lovely ~ if you happen to pop back in sometime come say hi

dragon_collector • 14 Jan 2018, 10:50 PM

pretty cove

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