Looking for a Cranmon offering things from @roseofthehokage for one please. 19 Nov 2019, 7:31 AM

15 February 2015
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loumina28 • 1 day ago

Since you've written for it, good luck! I really like it's design, too, so I'll probably participate in the contest. I have an idea in mind, but the description might be too sad for it,so I'm not quite sure what to write.

kimichanx3 • 2 days ago

Fed all

loumina28 • 2 days ago

Hello! How are you doing today? I hope you're well! What do you think about the new creature in the CDWC?

lunacharm1037 • 3 days ago

Heyy I'd like to see old creatures rereleased, put them in the Vend and set up the Vend machine like a soda machine. You pick what you want and put in like 100 tokens or so instead of wasting tokens & getting what you don't want. Just my thoughts lol

galaxyleopard • 3 days ago

Oh Thank You! I’m just adding it to my gifts tab! Your profile link will be in her profile so I will remember it! Thank You Again!

galaxyleopard • 3 days ago

Omg! Thank you! Do you want something in return?

playermocha345 • 3 days ago

I'll take that for 200CC? I don't mind. I think the 1000CC you get from Gobbler Collecting woulddhelp too. Seeing as the Cromnom isn't retiring so fast. Or someone might just do a giveaway.

wererage • 3 days ago

in the cash shop park, maybe with some limitations (creatures released in jan month would be available there just during january, every year, etc). So every csp would worth 500CC in the end. The prices we have right now are a slap in poverty's face...

wererage • 3 days ago

Mhh, new users would have to sell their souls for, like, a tine or nym... it's just not fair, these creatures were paid 500CC at the beginning, I cant see why can't they be rereleased and enjoyed by everyone. You know what? I'd put ALL CSPs released so far available forever -

wererage • 3 days ago

It would be best if re-releases did happen, yeah... it would be fair If CSP pets were ALL worth 500CC... the site would get money anyways and people would enjoy trading more. Instead of evolving and changing, the site is focusing on trying to make "older users" happy. Shame. :c

playermocha345 • 3 days ago

Hiya Sophie! Wouldcha do a EC for CC trade off? I'll give you a discount too! 200CC for 1M EC-1.5M EC.

wererage • 3 days ago

Not quitting, dw, just trying to get something in my WL, organize my coves and... stop commecting the new CSP pets. It's becoming too much time consuming trying to keep up as a simple non CC-user. x)

wererage • 5 days ago

dcmaster • 1 week ago

Fed 75 c:

loumina28 • 1 week ago

Well, then, have good rest! As for me, I'm visiting my aunt today so I'm pretty excited, though it's going to be a relatively long haul. Have you been up to anything interesting lately?

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