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15 February 2015
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Hello! Welcome to my profile. My name is Sophie and my birthday is the 12th of April. If I reply late it's because I work full time so my time here is incredibly limited but I try to be as active as possible.

@Thedarkarcher (main)
@roseofthehokage (2nd storage and uft pets)
@cloud_hoards (Immortals)
@elephants (elephant collection)

@superunloved sister
@epic23 brother


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distorted • 2 days ago

It doesn't say that you accepted the transfer?

How are you today?

jlya • 2 days ago

I'm sorry to hear that, your coworkers don't know how blessed they are to have you around But I'm delighted you had a lovely day and everyone here sent tons of love your way. So thankful for you

distorted • 2 days ago

distorted • 3 days ago

whoops, resent it!

jlya • 3 days ago

I love seeing the wonderful messages on your wall! You've made such an impact on Eggcave and I hope you're getting all the attention you deserve A lovely creature, I'm glad you could get it. Thank you, dear. I'd take a close friendgroup over a million acquaintances any day

athanasia • 3 days ago

Fed all!

distorted • 3 days ago

Hope you like what I got you ^^

distorted • 3 days ago

Sorry to keep you waiting. Transferred the gift to you. Hope you have a wonderful birthday thank you for being here for me and being an awesome person

immortalraven • 3 days ago

Happy birthday

cho • 3 days ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Soph I'm so thankful to be able to celebrate with you thank you for your existence and just you you are the best friend anyone can ask for. Hope you are having a wonderful day

staceyswag • 3 days ago

I believe it is based on age but they have essential workers get it first. I'm rather nervous for it and hope it doesn't make me feel too ill.

staceyswag • 3 days ago

yeah I'm getting vaccinated soon and I'm going back to campus next semester so I hope that'll feel normal I still would like a nice summer though but I don't know if I can head out just yet

staceyswag • 3 days ago

omg happy birthday! that sounds like such an ideal day I'd love to shop and visit stores soon you deserve such a fun day

staceyswag • 3 days ago

ooh tell me about your day then! mine just started I legit just woke up and I have a class until 4

staceyswag • 3 days ago

hey! I'm doing okay! how are you? aw thank you yours is organized and lovely as well! I love the little stars

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