hiatus// is it weird to say I already need a Shazam 2 in my life?. Watched the film twice now and I'm still in love :P <3 Not happy though that rock is going play black Adam in well black Adam he just doesn't fit. 13 May 2019, 3:07 PM

15 February 2015
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rashka • 6 minutes ago

aw!! i must go! you can do a transfer with the mystic and i'll accept it when i'll have time!! see you soon my dear i love you!

rashka • 7 minutes ago

after that it's grocery time for it as we cook tomorrow morning and i also have an appointment for at the maxilofacial to see if everything is ok with my new implant!

rashka • 8 minutes ago

i also have a full day, i had an appointment at high school for my first son, as he was in a combat, but he wanted to separate the persons. good will, but not the good way!
in few minutes i'll have to go for the planification of collective cooking,

rashka • 10 minutes ago

i remember you don't really like hugs so this is why i put ?? just after it! to see if you'll take the hug or no

rashka • 11 minutes ago

aw! porr you and it's ok to rant my friends says i'm a good listener! you can come to me whenever you need to rant!

i really hope you'll have time to do it all! *hug??*

rashka • 1 day ago

ok, i can take it back, study well and good luck in your exams my dear

rashka • 1 day ago

hi dear! i hope you'll be well in your hiatus!

for the collection, eschla gave us 17 retired items so i payed her 1,5 millions one of the item is a cc one and she helped us alot for free, so it feels like a great price, even though she didn't wanted that much!

rashka • 2 days ago

hi dear! i worked through the lists and took out the retired items and did a new list with them, i still have to work through the travel list,

and eschla wants to help us with the retired item list, and i told her i'd pay!!!

anniee • 2 days ago

hey sophie! what have you been up to? (:

wild_wonders • 2 days ago

phew! that's good. x) and not really, been trying to work out trades and catch up with assignments, i have 5 due in the next week. >< go me. wbu.

rashka • 2 days ago

hi dear, just wanted to tell you that i was able to find many items for the collection and i'll continue to search for them, i'll tell you when i'll be ready to put them in collection!

i hope these last days were good for you see you soon

wild_wonders • 3 days ago

omg omg! sorry i forgot to respond to your wall post from a few days ago, i feel so bad now. >< was just scrolling through comments and saw it! I hope you are ok, feel better soon. And naww, since you were a kid, that's terrible. i wish i could do something.

sanneklaauw • 3 days ago

Fed all!

cho • 3 days ago

Ok im quite busy so hopefully i can drop you an email asap

cho • 4 days ago

love you dear

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