Watched 1917 yesterday, got to say it was a wonderful and touching film. 14 Jan 2020, 4:50 AM

15 February 2015
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jlya • 2 minutes ago

Thank you so much, dear, you are a complete life-saver xD

jlya • 13 minutes ago

Hello, dear. So I'm trying to collect every CRW from its release-date, and I'm missing a Kasaii from yesterday. I do, however, have one born today. Would you be willing to trade your release-date Kasaii for mine? I can offer some EC, too, to make up for the difference. ^^

bun • 1 hour ago

For the Sweesh, I'd probably be looking for around 8-10 CRWs, depending on which ones you have UFT? o x o

playermocha345 • 6 hours ago

Me? I'm fineeee! I had a nice day, met with my cousins, who spent the afternoon with my brother, slept for 1 hour, (power nap GOGOGOGO!) and went for tuition.

bun • 10 hours ago

Hello! Would something from the extras tab @beyond possibly interest you for some of your UFT CRWs? Sorry to bother if not!

downpour • 21 hours ago

You’re welcome, I’m glad I could help!

downpour • 21 hours ago

Thank you

downpour • 22 hours ago

Here it is sorry for the slightly delayed reply

downpour • 22 hours ago

How about your Naharian? I checked and they’re around the same value

downpour • 23 hours ago

also i saw that you’re missing a Kasaii and i have one uft, would you possibly be interested?

downpour • 23 hours ago

aaaah thank you so much!

cho • 1 day ago

Miss you dear

lokisonoflaufey • 1 day ago

Fed back, thank you! c:

papertricycle • 2 days ago

thank you! fed back B)

wilde • 2 days ago

Thank you, you as well Fed all back.

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