Thanks so much skyfall4 and wigglytuff for gifting me the 200cc i needed ahhhhhhhhh your so kind to me <3 23 Apr 2018, 5:24 PM

15 February 2015
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lenamilove • 14 hours ago

I am! At least for the moment- college is a bear. How have you been doing, wonderful?

novrain62 • 1 day ago

hi fed mlec2!

wigglytuff • 1 day ago

No you don't need to. and same to you!

skyfall4 • 1 day ago

Okay *whew* xD

I'm glad I made someone smile!

wolfplay245 • 1 day ago


sarha2006 • 2 days ago

I need 60CC

wigglytuff • 2 days ago

Np! no, that's what friends are for don't need anything back.

skyfall4 • 2 days ago

Ohhh yay. I take back what I said. I do still have to worry about the giiiiiift.... xD

skyfall4 • 2 days ago

TYSM~ now I don't hafta worry about you gifting me when I least expect it!

skyfall4 • 2 days ago

Wuuuuuttttt?! What ish this?? xD

skyfall4 • 2 days ago

Mwehehehe c:


rashka • 2 days ago

i have about 80 shiny pokemons! if you really want to know which ones i already have i could send the list in the pm!

skyfall4 • 2 days ago

Don't worry 'bout it In fact, I COULD give you the freeze.... I'm actually pretty close to 200 rn

That promise makes me so suspicious xD

rashka • 2 days ago

not much, cut my dog's claws, knitted, doing miracle trades in pokemon moon to get more shiny pokemons! and feeding in here!

rashka • 2 days ago

lol, i'm good too!

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