any uft constellations? 23 Oct 2017, 7:32 AM

15 February 2015
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things about me ATM!
- currently on a two week break from college
- collecting constellation travel for elephants
- dying without prison break s6
- wishes arrow s6 was better (why guys)
- happy users like rashka and raindrops exist here (cheers guys)
- truly bored!!

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7 hours ago

Awww...cheers back at u!

7 hours ago

It's fine.

8 hours ago

I didn't even realise

8 hours ago

No, it came up when I was discussing a thing with a friend of mine on what to name it. Though Oddetes a reference.

14 hours ago

15 hours ago

i just got this other constellation, no need to send anything in return!

16 hours ago

it's not always that i get one when i doing the constellations but if i get more, I'll let you know

17 hours ago

finally, the last lot lol

17 hours ago

Stay tuned, when it's over I'll tell you, there's still more lol I really have many here, from this year and last year

17 hours ago

I created two more, and it's not over yet xD

17 hours ago

i have more uft but i need to empty the inventory before (limit 50), offer both lots and I'll create more with the rest (15,000 :ec per lot)

17 hours ago

I looked your topic, it could be 750 each too?

17 hours ago

yes, i have

23 hours ago

Oh kay thanks though!

23 hours ago

Yeah, it was. So happy.

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