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18 May 2012
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Currently stressing out due to exams and assignments. Until the weekend I will have limited time

Hello there! I'm mastergemma and I'm a moderator here on Egg Cave.Please don't hesitate to chat, I'm very happy to talk about anything. I enjoy getting to know other users and helping whenever I can.

Modding for free doesn't earn respect, being a respectful person earns respect. If you volunteer to moderate something for free you should do it to improve the community, not to become a figure of authority.

A few things about me: I enjoy games, manga and anime, music, Vocaloid and reading. Ask to find out more!

To your valor, my sword, and our victory together. Long may the Sun shine.

Daily dose of random thoughts
If I could sing like YURiCa I would die happy.

Roads are made of a liquid. Incredibly viscous liquid. Thinking about this while looking at roads makes me nauseous.

In a survey it asked why I used social media. My answer was for memes, dog pictures and to chat to friends. What has this world come to?

Anyone play Crash Fever?

#EOTYC: Don't change the profile creature!
#BOAF: a great, friendly club for users to socialise and win creatures in the competitions!
#Pokemon Club: the proud creator of the group specialising in discussing anything Pokemon related!
Egg Cave's fan made museum

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1 day ago

Yeah, I'm right in testing too. Lots on the mind

2 days ago

Thank you I will feed back soon

5 days ago

Oh yes, I've had my Redbull. And I'm doing pretty well. You?

1 week ago


1 week ago

I think I mixed up with creatures to change in the forum. So first one still 1903686 and the second one to change to 2037711 - Thanks

1 week ago

I'm doing wonderful thank you! Hope your doing lovely as well~ Fed feedlist!

1 week ago

I never even thought of that!! Thank you so much, that's brilliant 0.0 Thanks again!!!! I really really really really appreciate it!

1 week ago

Awesome!!! Once again, thanks so much!! It's 14,850 for 1 day!! Trade #856372 Thank you thank you!!

1 week ago

It's a very sweet thing of you to do and I would appreciate it sosososo much!!!

1 week ago

That would honestly be very helpful because I haven't had time to get much EC this week because of exams and it was hard to even get on >.<

2 weeks ago

Thank you for feeding. I'm not able to feed as much lately. Really appreciate the feeding tho

2 weeks ago

Sorry have not been very good at returning messages lately. Been on so called vacation. Hopefully will resume my usual feeding routines.

2 weeks ago

Hi! Had to look back thru all my messages I couldnot find the friend ikon on top where it once was. Anhow Tweetie is new. Yes Tweetie Avem

2 weeks ago


3 weeks ago

Yup! The waiting part is always the most suspenseful part O_O

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