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24 April 2011
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SUGGESTED : Moxel + Burdrah

Onsra - Loving for the last time; that bittersweet feeling you get when you know a love won’t last.

Need 800 CC to resurrect Kektron, Rayun, Roza & Kepatio.

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2 weeks ago

Hi! Is your Star of Bethlehem travel UFT? It's the one on your Zinzall. And are you looking for anything for the Unipeg? Thank you!

3 weeks ago

You wanna message me and we can talk about it?

1 month ago

Well I just spent an hour designing a space velociraptor tshirt for some friends.

1 month ago

I miss you how are you?

1 month ago


1 month ago

"This is incredible", or literally "this is in credible", since the word 'this' is inside the word 'credible'

1 month ago

Just wondering, how much could you offer, potentially for a frozen trisk at it's second evolution? I'm really tent, but just a sorta figure?

1 month ago

Aw thank you. Haha. I'm so proud of mah little piggle.

1 month ago

Will you trade me your ignis and encolap to me

1 month ago

If you were to want pure CC for one of your Roarnts, how much per say would you want? Or CC + a creature.

1 month ago

What would you like for the Hydrhis and Anaria you have in the TC? Prioritizing the Hydrhis.

1 month ago

Is your Kira (Balrog) up for trade? Either way, have a good day!

1 month ago

My Kektron for your Tentropy? Thanks!

1 month ago

Hello, I was wondering if the Rousel is UFT? Also, could we stage swap our Sylverns? I'll add if it's frozen

1 month ago

Can we gender-swap Spotos please!! Please look @ my account!

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