Things I can add to critters in my UFT tab are listed here: Critters not in the UFT tab but TC are /VERY/ tentative. I might not even trade em for Pixgog so please do not ask if I would take anything else... 25 May 2017, 5:24 PM

30 August 2012
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This is allowed. Just not publicly saying specific users. I asked if it was.
Thief Shop


[Do NOT post/PM topics on my wall. Just ping me.]
I will just delete them from now on.

Please do not start a multiple person PM with me. I don't like getting a ton of notifications that come with them. A ton at once make me sick feeling. From now I will not respond to the PM at all and just press leave.



- Critters are NOT UFT unless in the UFT tab, in the TC, on a recent topic, or @immortalravens_storage [minus the NFT tab]. You can offer but 99.9% of the time, it will be a no. I will ONLY consider OVER OFFERS for critters not in those places. This is because they are technically NFT and I don't wanna trade em so even if it is an over offer I probably won't trade.
NONE of my canines will be UFT unless in UFT places. Might as well not ask because it will be a 1oo% no even if you made a HUGE AMAZING OVER OFFER. Even if it included a Pixgog so yeah...

Will not consider over offers of pure CC for NFT critters at all.

- Prefer you actually give me an offer over asking what I want.

- CC travels and names do not some with UFT critters.


Main List
**********Pixgog Last [preferred] or Egg [will over offer by a lot]
*****Flintar 1st [preferred] /Any [will over offer but not a crap ton like Pixgog]
***Arnmnae Last /Any [willing to over offer]
*Goldur 2nd [preferred] / Any
Clous Egg [preferred] or Last

Still Available List
Thief Shop:
*Soetzal 1st, 2nd, AND Last*
**Shawloot Egg
**Dilloton Egg
Star Commons
*Magmish 1st or Egg
**Smokemuth Any

Lowest Priority - Secondary List
Names I Would Die For
Travels I Seek
Always seeking more SoBs [favorite travel].
Non Priority Travels I Seek - This is mainly a personal note for me to grab em if I see em in the TA. Just want a certain number of each travel.

Want more of:
[Not offering critters from my UFT tab here for these 3 ^^^^]


UFT Critters

Everything I have UFT, I prefer to trade for main list critters.
Some that are not as tentative, I will accept thief shop or lowest priority critters.
Some I am not totally sure I'll trade for main list critters still but I might.


Storages etc
Critters Stolen on Special Dates


Money spent so far this year on eggcave: $1,080
Money spent last year from 10/13/16 to 12/30/16: $495
Money spent in all: Have no clue cause this is as far back it goes but it's been a LOT.
This is a major reason I am picky with trading. I have spent a lot on just a virtual game. Sometimes I regret it sometimes I don't. It is better than hoarding in real life so that is why I still do buy it.
I do give free CC / CC critters away sometimes but for the rarer critters I have worked very hard in real life and here to obtain I am not going to let go for free, at discounted, or for CC most likely.
Not many want pure CC for critters I seek and those are priority right now. Most I got because I traded CC for lesser CCs/LEs and traded up. So just trading critters that are more likely to get me one of the critters I seek than CC is really something I rather not do since CC doesn't really gain value compared to critters.
So hopefully this let's people understand more of why I am so picky.

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Yes I could. I have an offer of 100k on Wahla but feel free to offer

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From now on PLEASE PM me or delete your own comments on my wall after I respond. I /cannot/ deal with deleting and it

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taking me to the top anymore -.-

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