If PMing about my travels UFT please give an offer for them individually not like 5ooCC for these three travels but like 2oo for this, 2oo for that, and 1oo on the last. 25 Sep 2017, 3:50 AM

30 August 2012
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Ignoring and deleting all wall comments unless I messaged you on your wall first from now on. PM me.

Do NOT post/PM topics on my wall. Just ping me.
I will just delete them from now on.
Things I Have Given Away
Call me greedy then I will block you. Whether ya tell me or I see it on someone else's wall -.- Then you won't be able to offer on my free lots anymore Surprising isn't it? I used to give people second chances when I saw it. Now I am fed up and done with it. Sad how most the ones that call me greedy are the ones who usually are the greedy ones...
Why Blocked and Blocked Rules
- Only critters in the UFT tab are UFT. Things in TC and topics also are.
If not in those places they are NFT. You can try and offer but it would have to be a pretty amazing over offer for me to even consider trading whatever you asked about. And still 99% of the time it will be a no still.
- CC travels and names do not come with. Well names might if for a Pixgog if the names were really wanted. Still prefer not to though.

Main List
**********Pixgog Last [preferred] or Egg
*****Flintar 1st [preferred] /Any
***Arnmnae Last /Any
*Goldur 2nd [preferred] / Any
Clous Egg [preferred] or Last

Still Available List
Thief Shop:
Soetzal 1st, 2nd
Shawloot Egg
**Dilloton Egg

Secondary Goal

Also Seeking
Only offering other cave monthlies, seasonal, EC, CC. /NO/ critters from my main.
I do not value em as much as the value guide. I have always seen em go less than what the guide has em listed em for and very very few go for the amount the guide has. Some on the guide I haven't seen go that high at all. I still see and have gotten them less also. A lot of people before the guide sold em less and then right after the guide came out then they started wanting more even though like a week before they wanted a lot less. I feel people are taking advantage of this and such. I know a lot that are selling these would also never even trade this much for one ever so yeah messed up.
I do agree with quite a few on the guide that are CCs and such but a lot of the cave monthlies/seasonals I do not. So please do not bother asking to trade if you want like 1oo+ CC value for them.
It has been quite frustrating with people asking freaking 2ooCC for a cave monthly. Then offering on my cave monthlies [that the guide has at 2ooCC too by the way] for way less. Yes I sell em less than the guide because I do not agree with most the cave monthly values. But if you're seeking more than I am for one and if I trade you I would assume you'd just in turn try and get more and some poor soul who doesn't know if they wait they'll find one less will get stuck paying that. So no I will not trade my cave monthlies with people I see wanting 2oo + for one.

Want more of:
[Not offering critters from my UFT tab here for these]

Storages etc
Critters Stolen on Special Dates
Money spent so far this year on eggcave: $1,86o [Need to recount again cause it has risen...]
Money spent last year from 10/13/16 to 12/30/16: $495
Money spent in all: Have no clue cause this is as far back it goes but it's been a LOT.
Can you really blame me for being so picky and attached to my critters?

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maybe for 600,000?

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Ignoring and deleting all wall comments unless I messaged you on your wall first from now on. PM me.

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Keep Heaven's Gates on Hail or change to Wings of Glory. Put wings of glory on a heims.

3 months ago

Keep Pine Forest at Dawn on Ewok or change to Wings of Glory. This is a note for myself but if ya wanna give opinion go ahead

3 months ago

If I message ya on your wall I will delete your comments here myself and if you want me to I will delete mine from yours.

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From now on PLEASE PM me or delete your own comments on my wall after I respond. I /cannot/ deal with deleting and it

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taking me to the top anymore -.-

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