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☆Aguaille ☆ Aliamble ☆ Autuwl ☆ Biwo ☆ Bragon ☆ Bushay ☆ Buttersloff ☆ Cactower ☆ Chiye ☆
☆Corlinn ☆ Corsal ☆ Crystar ☆Danaus ☆ Deggo ☆ Drem ☆ Drollo ☆ Efni ☆ Elkikorn ☆ Encalop
☆Eyleymo☆ ☆Feep ☆ Florn ☆ Gadfly ☆ Goldox ☆ Gorri ☆ Greem ☆ Gummibar *☆ Kacki ☆ Keekee ☆
☆Kitep ☆ ☆Leoaquar *☆ Leyma ☆ Luvlei ☆ Lycire ☆ Lyralopex ☆ Mishqen ☆ Morkhir * ☆ Muffette *
☆ Nyacos ☆ Nym ☆ Onabi ☆ Onny ☆ Orciel ☆ Pandai ☆ Pendence ☆ Pipitallo ☆ Poppy ☆ Reep
☆ Revii ☆ Rie ☆Scarrow ☆Skrute *☆ Sughar *☆ Sylvern ☆ Tidnab *☆ Tigloo * ☆ Tokk ☆Weggy ☆Wisoki Zinhir
*= Low Priority

Seeking Mini Collection ✧・゚
Brohu ・ Clous ・ Dongelic ・Faymanita ・ Foo ・ Fourbon ・Orciel・
Ott ・ Piki ・ Polober ・ Roo ・ Rousel ・ Sidris ・ Strawbearry ・ Tawny ・Vattone ・ Wisoki ・ Yuki

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wigglytuff • 1 week ago

Would you do your Kektron? I can add a tiny bit if you want ^^

wigglytuff • 1 week ago

I'd be interested in your Kektron and Sabbomet from your side ^^

duckduck • 1 week ago

Which other creatures were you interested in? I also have some cc UFT as well

wigglytuff • 1 week ago

Probably creatures, mainly. Not really sure though ^^ @status I have one uft, if you're interested o.O

duckduck • 1 week ago

And I would also be interested in your Sabommet, Amoyrm, and Nyankh from your side. May I ask if your Volpe, Roo, or Encalop are UFT from this account?

duckduck • 1 week ago

Great, thanks so much! Trade #929823

prairie • 1 week ago

Would your female dalahart 1st stage from Feb 14 (on your side) be up for stage swap for last?

duckduck • 29 Jun 2019, 12:56 PM


duckduck • 26 Jun 2019, 9:39 PM

We don’t really know for sure because she’s from a shelter, but her mother was apparently a Pomeranian and the father is unknown xD She looks like a dachshund to me

dcmaster • 15 Jun 2019, 2:27 PM

Same! I wish I had like copies of everything! Yeah! Nym is a pretty crazy creature to get c: I hope you get one though!

dcmaster • 15 Jun 2019, 2:17 PM

Oh yeah same c: I could of gotten a spookcat but like I had to trade a Diment and Sherth which was a lot for me o.o I've seen a couple Nym's UFT! That's the hardest part c:

dcmaster • 9 Jun 2019, 5:53 PM

Thanks! I'll check it out rn... Ummm.... I honestly would want a Flar, Draqua, Mummar, Vampyr, and Ahjoon so like I want a good chunk of stuff XD How about you?

dcmaster • 9 Jun 2019, 5:41 PM

Omg yeah! That's a good point! Well I just think they're probably busy but any reply would be nice... Your idea would probably be super helpful c: Hopefully one day!

dcmaster • 9 Jun 2019, 5:28 PM

I remember I sent a ticket about the creature prices and that's the first time they ever they actually replied to me and addressed the prices of creatures... it was comforting and I think that's what I needed which sounds dumb because this is a game but like it was nice XD

dcmaster • 9 Jun 2019, 10:51 AM

I agree completely! It seems like Eggcave does that a bit... they have great ideas like the click exchange but there needs tweaking to make it work the best it can! I hope they create a CSP creature quest system soon too

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