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18 June 2015
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@gymnastics001 -side
@gymnastics002 -fully evolved/immortals
@sundae -dreamies/main

『 Values for Trades! 』
Calla∗75k ec
Eartha∗2 mil ec or 200 cc
Elge∗20k ec
Krampus∗150k ec
Naharian∗10k ec
Pakaceros∗8k ec
Postork∗15k ec
Trinit∗850k ec or creatures
Twobot∗750k ec or creatures
Whirlz∗100k ec
Wregon∗15k ec

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2 weeks ago

fed all

2 months ago

Trade #879962 I don't have the cc but i have creatures worth 200cc can we trade I give you the trades for ones that are 200cc

2 months ago

...and thank you ~Take Care~

2 months ago

Sure, how many do you have available for trade ? I'm looking for about dozen more

2 months ago

Hi! Can I buy Othman please? I just have to get the cc, it'll be <24 hours.

3 months ago

fed storage and main

3 months ago

Hi, I fed your cove

3 months ago

Fed all

3 months ago

@status that made me chuckle.

4 months ago

fed some

5 months ago

No problem, I welcome your creatures to our Immortalisation Centre! ^-^

2 years ago

I like that comment. I think I'll keep it.
The rest shall be deleted for my own safety. c:

2 years ago

Lel lel lel lel its fun to spam your wall c