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Ugh this new EC layout is giving me a headache. #Hiatus

11 September 2012
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I will not be on for the majority of the next 5/6 months. Lots of things are popping up, and I merely don't have time to spare. I will however, reply to all, so just have some patience please!! Thanks!

Hello, feel free to call me Iri, Irid, or whatever floats your boat.

.V. Does anyone even read this? :| .V.
Unless its in the TC, NOTHING here is UFT. Names, Creatures, Stage swaps, its all a NO. Please don't ask if they're uft. Some are treasured gifts, some I've had for ages, and some I've worked quite hard to get. Also, please note; I do NOT trade back creatures, unless you have a very good reason. Failure to read this will result in me ignoring what you just asked. Thanks!!

ALWAYS Seeking...
If you have any of these uft, please let me know Especially the vattones!

My sides (NOTHING is UFT):
@Yazan (...What do you think?)
@Oceanarium (Aquarium/Fish only)

@Lyratales (my baby)
@Dream-within-a-dream (sister)

Note: I am old guys, so please stop trying to BS me. Its not appreciated or tolerated.

Note to self~ Need 14k CC to star all creatures

Need something to do/enjoy webcomics? Pay a visit to Spindrift. The art is spectacular, and the storyline/plot is out of this world (literally). I can say that it is THE most beautifully drawn comic I've seen. I don't usually read webcomics, however Spindrift has pulled me into its grip. Please give it a try, and if possible, support the artist! She's fantastic.

~°°°°A Round of Applause°°°°~

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1 hour ago

That's alright What should I offer for it? IDK what you'd like xD

4 hours ago

also @status v3 is legit killing me with the layout. and your poor, poor oceanarium D:

4 hours ago

I traded for it ehehe e ^ e please just take it 8D

2 days ago

2 days ago

I FINALLY FOUND ONE c8 Lot #752299

2 days ago

Changed name

2 days ago

Oh psh dont worry about it, you know I can be slow as well ;p Hope all is well!

2 days ago

Aaaa I was still thinking about the trade you proposed rip Im sorry OTL Going to trade Ecorth I see ;D

2 days ago

Hmm, is it more then than the ecorth?

2 days ago

hahahaha XD

2 days ago

Anything for flintar?

3 days ago

>: ( but i want to offer something lol

3 days ago

Ahhhh sorry that's really hard~ Give me while to decide? ;

3 days ago

Yes of course

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