Hiatus/Quit~ None of my critters are UFT~ Treasured ones will be going to my daughter, but thats it sorry~ 19 May 2017, 1:52 AM

11 September 2012
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Sorry to all the lovely friends on here that Ive made over the years, I cherish each and every one of you. However, life has gotten a bit busy, plus I believe its time for me to move on and leave egg cave, if only for a few years at least. I love most of the community EC provides, but there are some who drive me a little nuts, and Im not fond of people who cause unnecessary drama/those who pout merely because I don't like their offers on my trade lots. So ciao for now, perhaps I'll return some day. Feel free to contact/make friends with my daughter @lyratales. Thanks for the good times!

Hello, feel free to call me Iri, Irid, or whatever floats your boat.

NOTHING here is UFT.

My sides (NOTHING is UFT):
@Oceanarium (Aquarium/Fish only)
@Parallel (all extra critters/gifts/etc/NONE ARE UFT)

@Lyratales (my baby)
@Dream-within-a-dream (sister)

@Yazan now belongs to @dream-within-a-dream as I will no longer be on. Thanks!

Need something to do/enjoy webcomics? Pay a visit to Spindrift. The art is spectacular, and the storyline/plot is out of this world (literally). I can say that it is THE most beautifully drawn comic I've seen. I don't usually read webcomics, however Spindrift has pulled me into its grip. Please give it a try, and if possible, support the artist! She's fantastic.

~°°°°A Round of Applause°°°°~

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3 days ago

come back 3 I miss youuuuuuu and i'm so sad/bored without youuuuu

1 week ago

1 month ago

Iri!! ;( Just came back to feed my pets. Saw ur post on my wall. Came here and ur gone?! /hug/ Miss u. Your cove still looks amazin

1 month ago

:"( come backkkkkkkkkkkkk

2 months ago

I'm so sorry, but the only reason I wanted the Valgrun was to trade for a creature I love, and the user I'm trading with is on the fence.

2 months ago

Hi doll, I can't actually remember what we were trading for at the moment, I apologize!

2 months ago

Pretty good!! How are you??

2 months ago

I have some fishy creatures, want em?

2 months ago

Does anything here interest you? If not I totally understand

2 months ago

~ but I miss her. If you ever get ahold of her, please let me know, okay?

2 months ago

Olimpt and leyma are UFT, the others only aren't because they were gifts. And unfortunately no, I haven't talked to qwaszx in a long time, ~

2 months ago

Heyyyy!!! I'm awesome about to head to work soon. One more day to go!! How are you?

2 months ago

I can offer creatures as well, if I have anything you're interested in here, @haku or @store.

2 months ago

How about Corlinn + 3.5k CC for Flintar?

2 months ago

uhhhh do you have a wishlist bc dang that flintar c8

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