Hiatus/Honored to have the Lyralopex created! Thank you very much to @ian and the mods who made it happen, as well as all my friends/supporters! Win one yourself for free ;) 1 Sep 2017, 3:14 AM

11 September 2012
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Hello, feel free to call me Iri, Irid, or whatever floats your boat.

NOTHING here is UFT.

My sides (NOTHING is UFT):
@Oceanarium (Aquarium/Fish only)
@Parallel (all extra critters/gifts/etc/NONE ARE UFT)

@Lyratales (my baby)
@Dream-within-a-dream (sister)

Need something to do/enjoy webcomics? Pay a visit to Spindrift. The art is spectacular, and the storyline/plot is out of this world (literally). I can say that it is THE most beautifully drawn comic I've seen. I don't usually read webcomics, however Spindrift has pulled me into its grip. Please give it a try, and if possible, support the artist! She's fantastic.

~°°°°A Round of Applause°°°°~

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1 hour ago

I will lol, and thanks again

2 hours ago

Offered from my side - no problem! Enjoy!

4 hours ago

Hey, yes in a couple of hours

1 day ago

*raises eyebrows* No..... *suspiciously looks at ;D*

1 day ago

I'm great thank you! Nothing fancy going on irl so just relaxing here. Dealing with trades and having fun with CRW.

2 days ago

Hello I LOVE the Lyralopex!!!! It's a beauty! (I may have mentioned this before but my brain does not remember xD buuuusy)

3 days ago

hey irid!!hope you're doing well!

5 days ago

Hello! Just thought I'd pop in to check how things are going. How's Lyra? Hope you had a great Christmas and (a belated) happy new year!

1 week ago

Putting a note on her profile now - Kitep to you for 2500 CC. Just post on my wall when you're able to trade!

1 week ago

The Pandai is frozen

1 week ago

Hi there, would you take a Pandai for the Paroxy?

1 week ago

I'm so sorry, but I'm actually in the midst of trading my Eyleymo away already. But my Kitep is still UFT! Would you do 2000 CC for her?

1 week ago

Happy New Year all the best to you, dream and lyra talk soon~

1 week ago

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! They’ll be well taken care of

2 weeks ago

Are you sure?

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