DO NOT FEED MY COVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 Feb 2021, 1:57 PM

15 January 2018
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My NEW UPDATED WISHLIST from November 17th , 2020 :

Runton,Psyfera,Lollipuff,Seralphae,Lonto,Trask, Chocopan,DanausRousel,Anaria,Zarol,Copioat,Eroche,Ott,Pipared,Meekin, Bauble,Knitten,Piki,Pumpkid,Luvlei,Alarune,Hulae,Seedart,Pandai,Mimic,Luffin

╰☆☆ ᏞᎬᎪf Ꮎf ᏉᎪᏦᎪ ƤƦƠƬЄƇƬƧ MƳ ƇƠƔЄ ☆☆╮, For the time being,****PLEASE DO NOT FEED MY COVE, THANK YOU!!!!!!******


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sybil_howlett • 2 days ago

alright, thank you for having me in your chocolate trading, have a great weekend

davkot1 • 2 days ago

Thank you too Looking forward to next events

frankenstein • 2 days ago

Thank you! Have a great evening c:

asi • 2 days ago

Got it. Have a good one!

complexum • 2 days ago

Thanks a lot for all the chocolate boxes

athanasia • 2 days ago


miraeggs • 2 days ago

Thanks too

murmurw • 5 days ago

Ok, thank you

murmurw • 6 days ago

Hello Would you still be looking for a Chocopan? Sorry to bother if not! ^^”

shadowdragon28 • 6 days ago

That sounds good, here's the trade!
Trade #977925

hellodecember • 1 week ago

Hey I have 2 Batwom for 500kec each or 50cc each

staceyswag • 1 week ago

hi there! would you happen to be interested in a Batwom (I have 2 available) and or a Tedory for EC?

chapus • 13 Feb 2021, 12:16 PM

Sure, sounds good!

chapus • 13 Feb 2021, 1:44 AM

Hello! I'm interested in your Cranmon and Sadly-- would any of my UFT creatures or pets over at @chapus or @thoron possibly interest you?

minnie298a • 11 Feb 2021, 7:03 PM

Hi. I do have one Taraxa uft, but it is a release day creature.

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