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28 December 2010
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I do feedbacks.

Side account: @iviv24 (has all my immortals and UFTs which are in the Trade Centre)

I have dead eggs: Pekkin, Kyaondi, Poibleu, Fairtop, Chev, and 1 stage Nilby. None are frozen. I'll sell each for a ressurection stone (200 CC) and some EC for the Nilby.

Nothing else is UFT unless it's in the trade centre.

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chihiro_sang • 16 hours ago

fed all

wererage • 1 day ago

I like to collect cute names, it's my weakness, haha. And I learned names are purely a subjective matter If they arent real names / real words or species names. I'll MP you... and don't worry, I don't bite at all. xD

wererage • 1 day ago

Cea, Huhh, Kipp, Kuun, Nixu, Resu, Shuui, Slis and Yaxu. Let me know If any of these are for trade, I can offer well.

wererage • 1 day ago

Thanks, fed back all! Also are by any chance any of your names (not the creatures) for trade? Sorry for asking, didn't know If what is written on your profile applies to both. x)

chihiro_sang • 1 day ago

fed some

chihiro_sang • 2 days ago

fed some

xxcouchxx • 3 days ago

Thanks, fed all back

chihiro_sang • 3 days ago

fed some

iv24 • 3 days ago


wererage • 3 days ago

Fed all.

nyan • 4 days ago

fed all

chihiro_sang • 4 days ago

fed some

xxcouchxx • 5 days ago

Fed all

iv24 • 5 days ago


chihiro_sang • 5 days ago

fed all

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