I wish there was a Puffin pet... Puffins are cute... 24 Aug 2019, 10:28 PM

30 December 2010
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Well, my first two giveaways went great! Congratulations to @valorie100 and @monsterprincess33 !!! I'll start another giveaway within the next day or two. There will be only 6 entry slots from now on. First come, first serve. Thank you to everyone for joining in and keeping everything so friendly.

In other news...
My cove loves feeds!

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thedarkarcher • 1 hour ago

Hello how are you doing? Ive seen you around a little bit lately and noticed how lovely you have been to everyone! I wanted to say how amazing i think that is and i hope you know how kind you are! Thanks for making eggcave that little bit better for others especially newer users.

novrain62 • 1 hour ago

Just wanted to come by quick and say HELLO!
I think packing is a pain in the butt! LoL
I am excited about the move, but it's not exactly fun haha
I'll be glad when it's over. Thank you for feeds and miss ya!
Mid-October I'll be back regularly!

prairie • 9 hours ago

(status) agreed.

xenni • 10 hours ago

^^ no problem

spell • 13 hours ago

Honestly same x) And I'd feel bad just submitting a description

kdxu • 15 hours ago

thank you, coming from you this is a huge compliment for me your cove is stunning. No worries about the brohu i offered a seralphae for it but then wasn't sure so let you know i was interested but looking to see if there were others uft

eggberts • 19 hours ago

Thank you for feeding. Returned feed to all 25

magician1574 • 19 hours ago

Feedlist fed

wild_wonders • 20 hours ago

fed all!

xxshadowclawxx • 21 hours ago

fed list

megamisama90 • 21 hours ago

Haha That's a good way to "write" it ^^

wererage • 22 hours ago

Aaand fed back all! Thank you very much, Pepper!

muppet • 22 hours ago

Fed your cove

spell • 22 hours ago

Omg @status yesssss

stevepat2002 • 1 day ago

@status yes! (I also want a stork creature but yeah...)

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