SURPRISE GIVEAWAY! I'm giving away a Guinstar - check out my Profile! Best of luck to all who enter. :) 21 Oct 2019, 1:50 AM

30 December 2010
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GIVEAWAY #18: a Guinstar

If I know you/we're friends/we interact together/are familiar with each other,
just leave a note on my wall saying you'd like to enter the giveaway!
That's all! I'll write your name on the list.

~*~ ENTRIES ~*~
3. @wild_wonders
4. @opal_dreams
5. @wererage

* There are only 6 entries available. (Perfect for rolling a single dice across my coffee table.)
*Only people I know/like/interact with/trade with/feed/am familiar with/friends may enter.
I'm pretty loose with the definition. Many are welcome... but not total newbies or
people I've never heard of or haven't seen around ever.

*This is meant to be fun! No drama, please, if you don't win.
Try to be happy for the person who did!

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wild_wonders • 50 minutes ago

Nah, i'm sure if people knew about it, they'd be quick to enter! But it's a surprise after all~ I just came to your accounts to see your new osis but I was certainly not expecting such a great giveaway!

opal_dreams • 1 hour ago

Thank you, it’s been a high priority on my wishlist for years so would love a shot at it

wererage • 1 hour ago

I'd just feel guiltly for possibly taking someone's else chance. xD And thanks a ton, best of luck, everyone!

wererage • 2 hours ago

Oh wow Pepper, this one is hard not to enter for. OwO
May I have a spot too, If I can? I'd take #5... thank you very much for hosting!

wild_wonders • 2 hours ago

Thank you for hosting pepper!

wild_wonders • 2 hours ago

May I enter for the Guinstar?? Lucky #3!

mrsminnette • 7 hours ago

Ok :'(

anarchy • 13 hours ago

Fed everyone

chihiro_sang • 15 hours ago

fed all

kdxu • 21 hours ago

fed all hope you have a great day

megamisama90 • 23 hours ago

Happy to help ^^

wild_wonders • 23 hours ago

hey pepper would you mind checking my latest post on your side account, i might have the wrong travels. O.O I just want to check. ahhhhh too many ferris wheels!

wererage • 1 day ago

Hey Pepper, just tell me If you need more of these prize shop travels, I'll be glad to help out, you know. (;

opal_dreams • 1 day ago

Hey lovely just left you a message on your side and saw you were more active here xx

smithbob6 • 1 day ago

thanks as you can tell I'm still looking lols

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