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30 December 2010
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Living in America's heartland! My favorite pet is my Storticai Spacie. Hope everyone is having a great day!

If I have anything UFT, it'll be in the trade center.

Feeds Are Welcome

*** Already looking forward to the September pets ***

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prairie • 46 minutes ago

Oh, alright!

prairie • 1 hour ago

Would your brios/goldox on your side be UFT by chance?

megamisama90 • 1 hour ago


megamisama90 • 1 hour ago

I was about to send what I have over until I read the rest Gonna send them anyway hahah

megamisama90 • 2 hours ago

Not sure if you were still searching them. Are you searching any other travels? I just remember those ^^

novrain62 • 1 day ago

Hey Hey! I am going to be moving in September, three hours north of where I am now. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Gave all my notices and will begin the arduous job of packing. The worst! lol Hope this finds you well.

wild_wonders • 1 day ago

fed all.

xxcouchxx • 2 days ago

Fed all and your side

chihiro_sang • 2 days ago

fed some

megamisama90 • 3 days ago

Nope, I don't need anything ^^

wild_wonders • 3 days ago

fed all.

silvershadow • 3 days ago

congrats on your @status
i've only made a notch or two in my own wishlist lmao. fed all~

kdxu • 3 days ago

@ status congratulations did you happen to end up trading the brohu egg? If you did that's fine as i'll keep continuing in my search

xxshadowclawxx • 3 days ago

fed list and congrats on completion

spell • 3 days ago

No problem ^^ Enjoy!!

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