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*Raindrops Are Our Angels Falling Down Upon Us...Dance In The Rain!
By: MoonShadow*

*It's Not What U See Now...But What U Remember Later.
By: MoonShadow*

*Color Outside Of The Lines Sometimes...U Might Be Amazed At The Masterpiece!
By: MoonShadow*

*Look Up At The Night Stars...And Dream.
By: MoonShadow*

*I Read The Book From Within...I Do Not Judge The Cover.
By: MoonShadow*

*I Live Between The Many Raindrops...I Don't Ask For Pity....Only A Small Umbrella.
By: MoonShadow*

*Kindness Shines Through The Friends We Have.
By: MoonShadow*

*Be Who U R & Dont Let Anyone Take That Away From U.
By: MoonShadow*

*Ur My Rainbow In My Raindrops.
By: MoonShadow*

*This Isn't The End...But Only The Beginning!
By: MoonShadow*

*U Can Be My Best Friend...Or U Can Be My Worst Enemy...U Choose.
By: MoonShadow*

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raindrops • 25 Jul 2019, 8:20 AM

*PLZ... DO... NOT... POST... ON... MY... WALL*
*ONLY PM (Personal Message) ME*

Fluffykitten (Family Member)
Poptarts (Adopted Family Member)

poptarts • 2 Mar 2018, 1:53 AM

change their names first. )Sorry for posting on wall, I like having the privilege to be the only one to do it. X,D